Fiber to the Office

A private connection to one of our data centers, or between your offices. Safe, fast and reliable.

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Private connection

Companies that transfer a lot of data through one path, should consider the option of purchasing a direct private connection. There are two options: purchasing one or more wavelengths, with a capacity of 10 Gbps each, or creating a privately-controlled network through dark fiber. 

Wavelengths are a great solution for companies that want reliability, speed and guaranteed bandwidth. Using wavelengths, creates a fully private connection for the client, with a custom SLA. No technical network knowledge is required from the client, and no investments needed. 


Wavelenghts are available at different speeds, the most common speed is 10 Gbps, but anything from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps is possible. Our sales team can advise you on the best solution for your company. For more information, schedule a call with one of our sales agents. 

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Dark fiber ring

A dark fiber ring is a widely used option to connect multiple locations with high speed and no interference. A dark fiber ring is not only a high quality solution, it is also often a cost-efficiënt solution, especially when there is a lot of data transfer between locations. 

100% secure

A dark fiber connection is very suitable for working with business-sensitive information. Because the line is fully private, you have full control over the data. When combined with end-to-end encryption, a dark fiber connection is one of the safest solutions to transfer data. 

Guaranteed performance

Because the line is private, there is no interference of other users. The line is always available and never congested. By using DWDM-techniques, multiple wavelengths can be used on the same fiber. This way the capacity of one fiber is practically infinite and only limited by the quality of the hardware used by the client. With the right hardware, capacity can be expanded instantly when needed. 

Dark fiber: anything is possible

If you're looking for a highly reliable, fast and secure way to transfer your data, we'd recommend a dark fiber connection. A dark fiber is a private non-shared connection, often used to connect office locations to a data center, or to interconnect office locations. The client only purchases a glass fiber connection, without the hardware to light the fiber. With this setup, companies have the possibility to create their own privately-operated optic fiber network. The client is fully in control of the connection. 

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