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Global low-latency network (AS49544)

The second most interconnected network in the world

 i3D.net operates its own global internet backbone network, known for its outstanding performance, minimal latency, unwavering reliability, and keeping data as local as possible.

23+ Tbps​

Real-time Data Capacity

60+ PoPs​

Across 6 Continents​

9000+ Peers​

Direct Connections​​

100+ IXPs​

Direct Connections​

Hand-picked PoPs

With 60+ strategically chosen locations, we reach local regions with the lowest round-trip latency. Our network presence extends from the most densely interconnected hubs to the most remote and even less connected exotic regions.

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Peering: Keeping traffic local

Thanks to our 9,000+ unique and direct peering relationships, we reach nearly all local ISPs’ “eyeballs” and the larger global Tier 1 network providers without using transit providers, ensuring minimal intermediaries and optimal performance for latency-sensitive applications. 

Additionally, we prioritize keeping the data as local as possible. 50.7% of our globally peered traffic is local.

Source: Kentik
0 % Globally peered
0 % Transit providers
Global Low-Latency Anti-DDos

Excellent network security

Our DDoS protection software ensures robust protection with negligible latency impact on your connectivity, utilizing advanced techniques, such as byte matching and comprehensive white/gray/black-listing methods to protect against the most advanced DDoS attacks.

MPLS header visual
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million monthly active users

Providing seamless online experiences to millions of users around the globe.

Discover our latency around the globe

Discover our global network by diving into our interactive ping map, designed to showcase our commitment to ensuring high-performance and low-latency connectivity worldwide. 

Why customers choose our network

Detailed BGP communities​

We operate a global backbone network with a tier-1 grade BGP Community system that includes both Informational and Action Communities, giving you full control to engineer your traffic and routing.

Proactive SLA

We monitor your connectivity performance 24/7, including a proactive SLA on response and repair times. We will take care of any unexpected issues before you know about them.

Full redundancy

In case of an outage on the primary path, there are multiple diverse paths for full redundancy. Our self-healing network will always re-converge over the shortest alternative to make sure your connection is not disrupted.

Direct line to experts

We connect you directly to our highly skilled network engineers, boasting extensive experience with Tier-1 operators, to address your technical queries and deliver the optimal solutions for you.

Outstanding network operations

Explore and test our network with user-friendly tools that assess its performance and reliability, providing real-time insights to inform your network decisions. Find out more in our Network Operation Center (NOC) page.

Looking Glass

Check out the Looking Glass to find transparent information about i3D.net’s backbone routing and network efficiency. It allows you to perform multiple tests to track a packet through our network to a specific location.

i3D.net network looking glass
i3D.net MyTraceroute (MTR)


By performing MyTraceroute (MTR) tests you are able to collect a huge pool of data that allows you to troubleshoot the network through statistical insights, answering the “where?” and “why?” of possible network hiccups. Utilize the MTR tool to understand the quality of i3D.net’s routes toward its various Points of Presence. 

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