Our story:
Minimizing latency worldwide

i3D.net's quest is to provide the lowest latency to the maximum number of users

Our Goal:  

1 Billion users by 2025

Servers for gamers, by gamers

For over 20 years, reducing latency has been i3D.net’s core business. From its inception, i3D.net set out to improve gaming experiences by renting out the finest consumer game servers. The end goal of i3D.net is to minimize latency for as many end-users as possible.

i3D.net’s rapid growth into the biggest game server provider in the Benelux caught the attention of game publishing giants. One by one, i3D.net added more and more publishers like EA, Activision, Splash Damage and THQ to its list of clients.

The i3D.net network has evolved from serving individual gamers to hosting entire game titles on behalf of the biggest game publishers and developers in the world. Nowadays, i3D.net serves hundreds of millions of users on its network spanning 6 continents across the globe.

i3D.net datacenter server
Smartdc performance datacenters logo in black

Our own data centers

Online multiplayer titles and ever-growing game sizes require low-latency, high performance and fast delivery times. By 2009, it was time to put down our roots. Our high-performance hardware required an environment that was fully under our own control. Together with data center expert Richard Boogaard, i3D.net built a data center in the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. Smartdc Rotterdam is now one of the largest data centers in the region, and it’s connected to multiple Tier-1 in-house carriers and major IXPs.

Opening our doors to enterprise

After 10 years of hosting games, we learned a thing or two about application hosting. The demands of the game industry had pushed the development of our hosting technology so that we could serve different customers.

With the rise of infrastructure-as-a-service, we noted how our high-end products could also benefit other industries. From 2013, we opened our doors to non-gaming customers. Now many industries like logistics, healthcare and WebRTC-based services can use our premium infrastructure originally built for gaming.

i3D.net IT enterprise infrastructure header visual
About Hybrid Cloud sketch

Hybrid cloud

Over the last few years, i3D.net has had the chance to explore a whole new arena: the cloud. 

However, this has not come without its challenges. While cloud hosting can be a flexible and cheap option for many, it is not always the case. Weve had to tackle many tough questions during our development process.

As a result, we developed our Game Hosting Platform with a flexible hybrid cloud option. Gaming clients can scale into multiple clouds whenever they hit unexpected peaks of concurrent players – meaning we could help keep popular games fun for everyone on our network!

Joining the Ubisoft family!

In 2019 we teamed-up with Ubisoft, a leading creator, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and services. Ubisoft has a rich portfolio of world-renowned brands and leading-edge online experiences that engage players over many years.

We’re thrilled to collaborate on expanding the i3D.net network and infrastructure, bringing Ubisoft even closer to their users. Through this partnership, we can enrich the experiences of millions more gamers worldwide, whilst remaining an autonomous entity and continuing to serve our customers.

Company culture

We’re always trying to reach the next level, whether that’s as a business or in a video game, and we encourage our team to do the same.

Our company culture fosters an atmosphere of independent thought and self-reliance, based on mutual trust.

Career at i3D.net

Awards and accomplishments

One of the fastest growing companies in the Deloitte 500.

10-time nominee for the FD-Gazellen Award for the fastest-growing Dutch companies, with 4 wins in 2012, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Listed in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in 2018.



NEN 7510 Certified​

The NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard based on the ISO 27001, focusing on the security of medical information in the healthcare industry, especially on patient data.

ISO 27001 Certified​

ISO 27001 is the international standard for setting up Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) regarding the reliability and security of control systems and data in i3D.net.

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