IP Transit

Provide your end-users with low-latency through i3D.net's extensive routing and abundance of meaningful peering relationships.

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Low-latency with global peering

A stable network connection around the world has become a must, whether you are streaming a film or video calling to the other side of the globe. Accessing the internet through i3D.net provides you with a head-start for a stable, high-quality networking experience. A good start is halfway to success.

Through our carefully-chosen peering connections around the world, we can send your data to every corner of the Earth, maintaining control over low latency and exceptional performance.

Quality network connection
In addition to our abundant peering connections, we maintain high-quality peering relationships with “heavyweight” Network Service Providers, relevant to the end-users. Our round-the-world, unmatched backbone makes sure that those peering relationships do not go to waste, ensuring ultra low- latency and high performance for your data transfers to the “eyeball networks”.

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Key Features

Efficient content transfers to Network Service Providers, minus any network quality or security concerns.

High Visibility

i3D.net provides you with a Looking Glass tool for full visibility of your data movement. Get precise information on how and where your traffic is moving within our network.

Meaningful Peering relationships

i3D.net peers with over 9000 direct peering partners, maintaining the best relationships with ISPs incumbent for the best end-user experience.

Detailed BGP Communities

Our network provides your content with a highway to the internet with a set of predefined routing rules to deliver your content to Network Service Providers as efficiently as possible.

It's all connected

Our ever-expanding network has points of presence around the world. From Madrid to Mumbai, Amsterdam to Seattle, LA to Tokyo, and everything in between. (If Atlantis was real, we’d be there too.)

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Additional Benefits

Global Presence

With a private 23+ Tbps backbone, stretching around the globe, we are able to secure your connection in 60+ locations worldwide.

Routing experience

Trust your content routing to i3D.net experts! Our 20-year expertise in global network services ensures the most efficient way for your content to reach your end-users.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock direct access to our team of specialists with extensive experience. No matter what time zone you are in.

Routing policy

i3D.net circumvents any unnecessary intermediate hops by keeping all routing local. We go the extra mile, to make sure your traffic stays where it is supposed to stay.

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We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

  • Discord logo in black “i3D.net has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.” Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord. Discord
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