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Utilize's hardware, top-notch network and Game Hosting Platform for flawless gamer experiences, without lifting a finger.

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We play together

It is not only the content of the multiplayer games that makes them great, it is also about making sure that your players are able to enjoy it together. As gaming industry veterans, has hosted multiple AAA game titles throughout over 18 years of operations, and we have made it possible for millions of gamers around the globe to enjoy your games together, without any hiccups.

Focus on your competitive advantage

Game server management is quite a complex matter. It requires extensive network, hardware, and game server management knowledge to provide the best possible gaming experiences. Allowing to take care of your game server hosting and management, you are able to fully focus on developing and polishing your games, without having to worry whether your players can seamlessly play together.

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Key Features

A full stack of game hosting services tailored to your needs. Utilize's extensive knowledge of game hosting to the fullest and take your game to the next level.

Anti-DDoS and Byte-matching

We protect your data and block DDoS attacks, by limiting connectivity to specific ports/IPs. With packet content filters, we make sure unnecessary traffic never reaches your game environment.

Network/Hardware monitoring

With on-demand network and hardware reports, will reassure you that gamer latency is as low as possible and top quality of service is maintained.

No Impact Patching

Utilize in-house built tools for your game version changes, without feeling any impact. The tools have been developed in cooperation with game publisher studios, for the most efficient transition between the game builds.

Personalized advice

To make your game hosting experience as smooth as possible, you are always able to reach our experts via a dedicated Slack channel, no matter the time, no matter the location. Our team of experts will go an extra mile to advise you with respect to your hardware requirements, security, your game hosting environment setup. As well as fleets and locations of interest for the most optimal game hosting configuration. Experts icon

Additional Benefits

Global Presence

With a server spread over 60+ points of presence on 6 continents, we can provide you with a unique 23+ Tbps network, focused on low latency.

Fully managed routing

Our low-latency network delivers best-of-breed player experiences due to being focused on low latency. Trust with your traffic routing for the ultimate gamer experiences.

Rapid global deployment

Our fully automated and configurable deployment system allows for efficient and optimal game server build distribution throughout’s global network.

Dashboard and Insights

Get detailed reporting through our dashboard integration. Learn which files are taking the most bandwidth, check your billing, and set your regions.

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We serve over 840 million players a month for some of the biggest games studios

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“ has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.”

Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord.

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