FairFight Anti-Cheat software

Our revolutionary FairFight® server-side anti-cheat software offers AAA and independent game studios the most effective and transparent tools to deter cheating.

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What is FairFight?

FairFight is the leading non-invasive, customizable, server-side anti-cheat engine using agnostic technology that operates in real time. It does not reside on the player’s computer or the game server, and does not examine the player’s devices or perpetually look for the latest cheats. FairFight uses a proprietary rule engine and database structures to evaluate players gameplay actions and make it a FairFight for everyone. Players actions are tested against multiple statistical markers to identify cheating as it occurs.

Anti-Cheat methodology
FairFight crosschecks these indicators using objective server-side reporting tools and takes action when both approaches correlate to cheating. FairFight’s graduated penalty system (warning/restriction/suspension) has been shown to effectively suppress and deter “cheaters” by imposing prompt and appropriate penalties automatically, while simultaneously notifying them that continued misbehavior will result in harsher penalties.

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Key Features

The FairFight anti-cheat system delivers integrity, automation, and detailed gameplay statistics. The combination allows us to make it a FairFight for everyone.

Game Integrity System

With seamless integration, FairFight offers both pre-selected rule sets and the ability to rapidly customize your inquiries to assess any gameplay activities for which you have data.

Automated notifications

Send player notices to any group or subgroup of players in seconds. Automate notices to be sent on event triggers or on a periodic basis. Link your execs, developers, and techs in seamless distribution groups.

Player statistics

FairFight interprets selected gameplay events to establish player statistics and build a detailed player profile for each player. Everything from focused player tracking to data dashboards.

How does FairFight work?

FairFight uses two overlapping and mutually supportive approaches to identify cheaters: algorithmic analysis of player statistics and server-side cheat detection. Algorithmic Analysis of Player Statistics (AAPS) compares each player’s game play statistics across an array of performance measures and compares them against averages derived from all of the gamers playing your game. FairFight uses the results of these comparisons to find statistical anomalies that correlate strongly to the use of cheats.

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Additional Benefits

Remain in control

Even if you don't have a problem with cheaters, the visibility into your game that FairFight provides you with unparalleled control over your game.

Round-the-Clock Support

A global community means there are always people online, so we are too. i3D.net’s technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, year-round with direct access to our experts.

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