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Game server orchestrator

Tackling the unknowns of game server scaling

One of the toughest challenges faced by game studios and publishers is estimating the number of players at launch and effectively managing infrastructure resources throughout the game’s lifecycle. Errors in forecasting may lead to player number underestimation, ultimately not allowing your players to play your game due to the lack of compute resources. On the other hand, overestimation may lead to you burning cash for unused resources.

Limitless possibilities
Once your game starts getting traction with the gaming community and your player numbers start hiking up, you need to start thinking about how it is going to scale, and the time it will take to set this up. And what if we told you that you don’t need to think about any of that? What if you could just set up your game hosting environment as you please and let the automation do its magic?

As an industry veteran, acknowledges the pains and the unknowns of the game hosting world and came up with a solution for game server orchestration, to make the most of your game’s online presence for you and your players. The game server orchestrator combines your wishes and needs with powerful in-house built software for game build distribution, scaling and automation, all whilst providing you with the flexibility for vendor choice.

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Learn more about our Game Server Orchestrator in our product sheet and documentation.

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Key Features

Multi-Cloud Scaling

With the possibility of scaling to AWS, GCP and Azure, you add flexibility and resilience to your game servers. This allows you to avoid situations where one provider goes down and so does your game.

Scalable, automated, & fully customizable

No matter the location, no matter the size of the deployment, guarantees automated resource availability for your games, keeping your game and your community online. How, when and where the resources are used — fully up to you.

Engine agnostic

No matter the game engine, we have you covered, no limitations. We also provide plugins for Unreal and Unity engines that contain Game Hosting SDK, allowing for your game’s seamless integration with the platform.

How to optimize your game hosting strategy?

Game Hosting Platform SDK header visual

Additional Benefits

Support acknowledges that game hosting world is full of caveats and pitfalls, which is why we are always ready to help our customers in deciding on their game hosting strategies.


We provide you with a dashboard where you can track everything game hosting related, from the CPU usage to player load per server.

Full control

We maintain full control of the software, infrastructure and network. Thus, we can react to any changes in your profile at the speed of light.

No Impact Patching

Use in-house built tools for your game version changes with no impact. We've developed the tools in cooperation with game publisher studios, for the most efficient transition between game builds.

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We serve over 840 million players a month for some of the biggest games studios

  • Psyonix customer logo “ was really gracious in giving the servers ahead of time, with contracts, moving as quick as could. was really helpful, especially in the Middle East and South America.” Brian Jesse, Server Engineer at Psyonix Automatic cloud scaling for Psyonix
  • Prediction doesn’t have to be hard​

    The game server orchestrator is optimized to keep your game online, while simultaneously keeping costs at bay. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let one of our experts tell you more about it!

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