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Beat the competition and provide your worldwide users with excellent and seamless live interactivity, with our high-performing servers and a low-latency network.

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Webrtc hosting infrastructure

High latency, packet loss, and jitter are a thing of the past

Scaling your infrastructure

While your team is focusing on the development of your real time application, we take your scaling infrastructure demands seriously.

With increased connectivity demand across the globe, we continue expanding and optimizing our operations in established and emerging markets around the world, with a focus on peering with local ISPs, all while keeping your platform in close proximity to your end users.

Increased performance

We continuously increase performance of our global network to decrease scenic routing, increase capacity and connectivity to local eyeball networks.

Our Network team is working around the clock to monitor connections and improve peering connections to make sure your users do not drop, minimize jitter and in return this will improve your Mean Opinion Score.

Cost efficient

We help you pick the most relevant locations, with the best network quality for your users so you can leverage our infrastructure worldwide.

While our network is among the most peered networks in the world, we do not charge a premium for egress. You can use our platform and pull data out of it for your end-users for fair prices starting at less than €0.01/GB egress.

We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

Mark Smith from Discord

How Discord Serves Millions Every Single Day

“Over time, we noticed that the user experience on’s servers was better than on the servers from other providers we had been working with. Besides, we also looked at this partnership from a corporate perspective. has full control and ownership over their network and servers. This allows them to respond quickly and accurately to fix any issue that might come up. The entire ecosystem built by, including their network and dedicated servers and their help with designing the use case, was exactly what we needed.

Other partners we tried to work with were not able to do so. They either resold network capacity, or they did not have the in-house ability to build a network effectively based on our needs. In the entire process, was very adaptive to Discords’ needs. We also appreciate the feedback the Network team has been giving us when we were looking for a network solution that fits us.”

Talk like you are in the same room, even when oceans apart

We’re undergoing a tremendous change regarding remote work and online communication, and fast and frictionless online chatting has become a crucial component of that. So many people need to have the ability to instantly connect and communicate with others quickly, securely, and reliably. This is where the WebRTC protocol is doing what it does best – making sure software can transmit time-sensitive data packets as fast as possible.

With’s worldwide network, you can implement RTC-based solutions into your product with maximum uptime and reliability, making flawless connections for your users every time. And with our personal tech support available to you 24/7, you can be sure that no data packet is left behind in case of emergency.

Personalized Support

Always Available

People communicate globally. If something goes wrong, our follow-the-sun support team is here to fix it, no matter what time zone you're in.

Direct Access

As a customer, you're not a number at You get direct access to our technical experts for quick and efficient problem solving, advice, and even help with debugging. No salespeople in between.

Community Focussed

Our dedicated operation departments are in direct contact with communities on Twitter to improve latency. We love all feedback, big or small.

Everything for Real Time Applications, in one place

Bare Metal servers

Guarantee a reliable and constant high-speed connection by allocating dedicated servers for your WebRTC infrastructure. You can use our AAA hardware with flexible commitments. Enjoy full control, no noisy neighbors, and ample storage space for peak numbers of users.


Avoid dropped service in the middle of calls. Our anti-DDoS solution results in zero added latency. Developed in-house, our anti-DDoS consists of multiple concepts combined to create a robust solution. It uses’s extensiv infrastructure and deals with DDoS attacks at the edge.

IP Transit

Through our carefully chosen peering connections around the world, we can send your data to every corner of the Earth, ensuring a stable connection for your video calls. Our network provides your content with a highway to the internet.

Bare Metal cloud

Seize the power of bare metal servers to withstand the demands of long-distance video calling and keep your MOS scores high. By compiling a pool of bare metal servers, can scale your peak traffic the moment you need it, without long-term commitments.

  • Discord logo in black “ has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.” Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord. Discord
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