Anti-DDoS Solution

Fend off the growing threat of DDoS. Our Global Low-Latency Anti-DDoS solution (GLAD) offers a proprietary set of custom tools to detect, intercept, and deflect impending attacks.

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Global Low-Latency Anti-DDos

Block threats at the edge

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise. More IoT devices, increases in bandwidth, and DDoS-for-hire services have made these malicious disruptions easier than ever. And with a growing number of business services moving online, the damage from even a few hours of disruption can be catastrophic.

Shielding your operations from the threat of DDoS means building protection into the infrastructure itself. GLAD takes advantage of’s extensive global network to block attacks at the edge. Our sophisticated protection uses unique methods to restrict untrustworthy IPs in advance and block the source of the attacks as they come in.

Shield your game

Gaming is now the industry most affected by DDoS attacks, accounting for over a third of all attacks. Bad player experience, mushrooming hosting charges, and a threat to studio continuity are just some of the negative impacts of a DDoS attack.

Game developers can craft a robust DDoS defense by using GLAD’s API/JSON integration, white- and blacklisting features, and scanning custom IPs from players, among many other tools.

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Key Features

Take control of your DDoS defense.


Warden is a piece of in-house developed software, that filters your traffic on a provided dynamic whitelist. Warden does inline filtering and allows for extremely detailed traffic stream filtering.


GLAD features and tools come in a variation of packages so you can choose which forms of protection best suit your needs.

Existing Infrastructure

GLAD benefits from's extensive global backbone. Malicious traffic is blocked close to the source from any of our 60+ locations, out of reach of your servers.

What is a DDoS attack?

A distributed denial-of-service attack (or DDoS) is a malicious attempt by a bad actor to disrupt an online service.

How does it work?

In the event of an attack,’s GLAD anti-DDoS protection blocks the negative traffic within our privately owned network, preventing it from ever reaching your servers.

GLAD Anti-DDoS diagram

Additional Benefits

Access Control Lists

Access Control Lists apply rules to IP addresses, specifying which hosts or networks are granted access to the service. Bad traffic is filtered on the edge of the network without any impact. 

Automatic Detection

Our sophisticated system automatically detects incoming DDoS attacks. Once an untrustworthy network is detected we will never send any packets to this network in reply, no matter what packets we receive from it. 

Null Routing

Silently discard malicious incoming traffic by redirecting it to a route that goes nowhere. Null routing renders the target server inaccessible to anyone, including clean traffic.

Rate Limit by IP

Control the number of requests sent or received. This is especially effective against Requests-Per-Second attacks, which exhaust server resources. 

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