Bare Metal for Media Server

Unleash unparalleled performance by deploying media servers on bare metal, achieving remarkable levels of low latency and cost efficiency.

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Scalable bare metal optimized for media servers

Bare metal servers provide an ideal solution for hosting your real-time communication (RTC) media servers, as they offer cost efficiency by eliminating the need for virtualization layers, ultimately reducing resource consumption. With less overhead, these servers ensure optimal performance and faster response times, while granting you more control over your IT infrastructure

Direct access to hardware allows for precise customization, streamlined maintenance and enhanced security, making’s bare metal servers a reliable and advantageous choice for media server hosting. 

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Advantages of using our bare metal for media servers

Under 30ms latency to the user

Jitter, latency and packet loss may kill the experience for your users to communicate with each other properly. Our network is designed for real-time applications, and battle tested by large RTC providers to deliver quality services across the globe.

Reduced bandwidth costs

We provide high-availability bandwidth for your servers at a fraction of the cost of our competition, 24 times to be exact. This enables our customers to make efficient budgeting decisions for their RTC applications.

Scalable and secure

Deciding on your IT infrastructure for RTC applications is about more than just bare metal servers. can offer you a wide range of services to host your media servers including our award-winning Anti-DDoS solution built for RTC applications and UDP traffic.

Maximize your media server potential

Enhance your application’s infrastructure with increased control and customization options, allowing you to precisely configure it to meet your specific requirements. Utilize dedicated bare metal servers to ensure your RTC traffic receives exclusive resources, resulting in consistent and reliable communication without jitter, lag, or interruptions.’s solution elevates the security of your application and its users, making it a preferred choice for RTC applications altogether.

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Why customers choose

Low-latency network

With a private 23+ Tbps backbone, ensures your users can connect to servers in 60+ locations worldwide. With 20 years of expertise in building our global low-latency network, we can guarantee the most efficient local routing for your application.

Direct access to our experts

As a customer, you're not just a number at You get direct access to our technical experts for quick and efficient problem solving, advice and even help with debugging: no salespeople in between.

Full control owns and operates the entire IT infrastructure stack, ensuring high-quality standards and seamless performance. With simplified communication, requiring only one point of contact for clients, we eliminate intermediaries, providing unparalleled service and support.​

Global presence

With 60+ points of presence across 6 continents, we empower your application usage to expand globally, while ensuring a seamless experience for all your local users.

We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

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“ has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.”

Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord.

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