Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Store your content within a stone’s throw of your users, reducing download times, increasing performance, and delivering the content your users want. Fast.

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Decrease load times with our global footprint

Content like games, videos, and images has become the stuff the internet lives for. And as the content we consume has increased in quality, so has its size, risking slower downloads and websites.

Bringing your content geographically closer to your user dramatically improves latency.’s privately owned network of servers ensures that your content is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from anybody that wants it. With our Content Delivery Network (CDN), we store your content in 60+ globally distributed points of presence and additional servers at the network’s edge.

Experts in game hosting delivery

Our CDN is backed by years of experience in game hosting. Launch your players into the action by cache-warming game files. Distribute game builds across a privately-owned backbone. Minimize the disruption of downloadable content (DLC) with rapid download times.

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Key Features

Ensure rapid access to content for your users.

Routing Scheme​

The route to the closest edge location whilst enjoying the benefits of server load monitoring and our global reach.

Game Build Distribution​

Utilize gaming-oriented CDN services: Cache warming, instant cache clear, and RAM-caching!


Make use of our internal tools, ONE integration for swift server deployment, with bonus free HTTP(S) requests.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a group of servers that stores (caches) web content like images and videos, and then intelligently delivers it to users based on their geographic location. This reduces the length of time that data has to travel to your user, improving download times and increasing performance.

Why use a CDN?
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Additional Benefits

Global Presence

With a server spread over 60+ points of presence on 6 continents, we can provide you with a unique 23+ Tbps network, focused on low latency.

Edge cache-warming

Minimize the disruption of DLC or post-installation downloads for your players. Upload them in advance to our edge servers through cache warming.

24/7 Support

Get direct access to our team of specialists with extensive experience around the clock. No matter what time zone you are in.

Dashboard and Insights

Get detailed reporting through our dashboard integration. Learn which files are taking the most bandwidth, check your billing, and set your regions.

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We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

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“ has a relentless focus on technical excellence regarding the network and server hardware, and quick responses. Their ability to partner with us on a level of technical engagement allows us to make the best decisions for our users.”

Mark Smith, Director of Infrastructure at Discord.

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