i3D.net suits our Worldwide ambitions

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Sonia Harjani is the director of Sona Business. She founded Sona Business in 2012. Sona Business’s mission is to be a leading provider of advanced IP communications solutions to clients all over the world. Sona Business provides voice, data and mobile communication services over IP. Sona serves its partners and other service providers through an extensive international network in Asia, Europe and the American continent. Over the years we have diversified into business services for both fixed and mobile segments. We serve the market segment with our innovative brands EziData, EziMobile, EziPBX, EziRoam, EziSIP and EziTalk.

"At Sona Business, we provide real-time data, video and voice communication services over IP. Today our services enable our partners to meet the rigorous demands of their customers, opening the door to the efficiencies of converged voice and data networks."

Sonia Harjani, Director of Sona Business

i3D.net suits our worldwide ambitions

Sonia Harjani: “We found i3D.net because we were looking for a data center in the Netherlands. When selecting a data center, we prefer ‘secondary’ data center cities over the popular cities, because the value for money tends to be a lot better. With this in mind, Rotterdam is a perfect data center location, the distance to Amsterdam is so small it’s barely relevant. In Rotterdam, we found Smartdc to have the highest quality, and we are still very pleased with our choice: in the years we’ve been using Smartdc, we have never had any downtime. We started out with a quarter rack, and over the years we expanded to two racks and a number of connectivity services provided by Smartdc and i3D.net. We use several of i3D.net’s locations, like São Paulo and Tokyo. 

The i3D.net team is professional and flexible, and clear in their communication. We often use their remote hands service at the data center, and we are very satisfied about this service. The response time is excellent, and the employees are skilled and proactive. Two years ago we upgraded our hardware to Brocade hardware. The i3D.net team has guided us through the transition, and thanks to their expertise, the transition went very smoothly.”

"The partnership between Smartdc and i3D.net is ideal for our company: i3D.net suits our worldwide ambitions, and i3D.net's vision matches Sona Business' vision."

Sonia Harjani, Director of Sona Business​
Sona logo in black
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Sona Business provides telecom services to partners and other service providers via its extensive international network in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
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