Diversity & Inclusion

i3D.net's road to become an inclusive & diverse employer.

The principle

i3D.net is a global company with operations around the world. From main offices in the Netherlands and the US, our network spans a total of 30 countries and 60+ cities. 

Our backbone network was structured with the idea to truly drop latency for users globally, and for this, we had to create a strategy that stemmed from an understanding of how the world works. Each location is carefully selected according to the needs of the network and region, and the process with which we chart the path forward is always collaborative, drawing from the diverse experiences of our team of 24 different nationalities. 

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Career at i3D.net

Diversity in recruitment

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace at i3D.net stem from the foundation of first looking to find the best possible candidates for all positions at the organization. To make this possible, we need to ensure that our recruitment process can access the biggest possible pool of candidates without biases against disabilities or preferential treatment given to any race, gender (identity), religion, or creed. We are continuously striving to make applying for one of our positions easier for ease of access and will continue to work towards this goal. Our recruitment team is also hard at work to make the process more objective and transparent. 

An environment that welcomes individual differences increases open-mindedness and the ability to explore new and more valuable directions. Individuals within our teams can challenge existing directions and ideas in favor of improved directions and perspectives. We have made listening to new opinions an important baseline for all team leaders and management. This in turn translates to improvements in our products and services.

Read more about i3D.net’s unbiased hiring policy.

Inclusion at i3D.net

Our commitment to get the best talent does not only involve getting a mix of ideas, perspectives, and opinions in through the door, it means that once part of our team, all i3D.net employees can feel welcome and included in both the work that they do and the teams they are part of. 

This means that our teams are composed of people that believe in making all new members feel welcome. We understand differences and ensure that the organization provides for each group to be able to be themselves while being part of our diverse team without having to choose. 

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Career at i3D.net

Private room at the office

We believe that all employees should have access to a private space in the office should they need it. We have a private room for this purpose — breastfeeding mothers can use this room daily and often throughout the day.  

Members of various faiths also use the private room to practice their religion at the office when needed. We respect all faiths and religions at i3D.net and have fostered an environment where individuals can practice their beliefs freely at the office.  


We have prioritized promoting progress in the technology industry to be inclusive for women and non-binary genders. Our teams are also encouraged to support this endeavor, and this is exactly why women at the organization founded the Women@i3D.net group to be able to promote more gender diversity in the industry. 

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Girl's Day 2022

Girls’ Day to inspire a new generation

The organization has also aimed to inspire newer generations for more gender inclusion in technology. This year for Girls’ Day, we opened our doors for students to give 18 girls insight into the data center and helped them create their first program from scratch to encourage more interest in STEM subjects. 

Always willing to go a step further

Apart from these initiatives, we are looking to continue to improve the principles of diversity and inclusion here at i3D.net. The diversity and inclusion team were formed for this purpose, and it continues to explore the steps we can take to make all team members feel valued in the group while being able to represent and embrace their individuality. 

i3D.net Diversity-inclusion

From the workplace to the end-user:
A network without borders

i3D.net strives to make sure that the end user always gets the best services possible. Whether it’s the latest FPS video game or an RTC call requiring low-latency internet, i3D.net has looked to ensure its user base gets the same level of services. This is easy to do for infrastructure companies in regions with a dense network of fiber-optic cables such as the EU and the US, but more difficult to achieve in regions such as the Middle East, where circuits were being routed through third countries. 

One of the core objectives while setting up our network was to connect these harder-to-reach nodes directly to offer quality services to users in these areas.

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