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If you were to fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo you wouldn't take a layover in Amsterdam, would you? Don't do the same for your internet connection.

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Europe, Middle East & Africa

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Asia & Pacific

Hong Kong
South Korea
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It's all connected

Our ever-expanding network has points of presence around the world. From Madrid to Mumbai, Amsterdam to Seattle, LA to Tokyo, and everything in between. (If Atlantis was real, we’d be there too.)

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Worldwide platform

Go global with our worldwide platform of hosting and network services

No detours

We keep your traffic where it is supposed to be. i3D.net efficiently circumvents any unnecessary intermediate hops and keeps all routing local.

9000+ direct peers

Over 9000 direct peering relationships allow i3D.net to relieve dependence on transit parties for much of our traffic, and reach up to 100% of the local ISPs eyeballs.

Cherry-picked locations

We are present both in the most densely interconnected hubs in the world, and even less connected exotic regions.

Enhance your connectivity


Fast and private data transfers are available to you on a global scale, in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setting. Maintain control or trust it to the team of i3D.net experts to handle your traffic routing.

GLAD anti-DDoS

Protect yourself from the threat of DDoS attacks. Our robust anti-DDoS solution uses a unique system to detect, limit, and block high-risk IPs, reducing the chances of an attack. GLAD absorbs incoming attacks in i3D.net’s vast global network, leaving your needs unscathed.   

Content Delivery Network

Reduce the download times for your content by distributing it across our global Content Delivery Network. Speed up downloads for your content, game distribution builds, and video, by caching content at our network edge locations in our global network.

IP Transit

Through our carefully-chosen peering connections around the world, we can send your data to every corner of the Earth, ensuring a stable connection for your video calls. Our network provides your content with a highway to the internet.

Go global

Interested in a current location or would like to have one in the future, we are always keen to hear from you.

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