GPU Server

Dedicated GPU servers that can handle your heavy real-time workloads effortlessly. Leveraging’s network, ranked 2nd on the list of the most unique direct peers globally, matching major cloud providers such as AWS and GCP in performance and low latency.

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Servers with GPU card

Dedicated GPU server meant for heavy workloads

We understand the demands of the modern digital landscape, and our GPU servers offer precisely what’s important for you. Experience unparalleled performance, scalability and innovative technologies that propel your business forward.
You get:

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Purpose-built gpu server geared for performance

Cloud gaming
Render and stream resource-intensive games at high frame rates and the lowest latency, no matter where your players are.
Generative AI
Accelerate training and processing of large data, complex calculations and LLM models for generating content.
Build machines

High-performance computing power for compiling source code, testing and building game software efficiently.

Remote workstation
Access and use resource-intensive applications remotely and instantly on your desktop without sacrificing performance.

Accelerate your workloads with our GPU cards

Start your next project with some of the best GPUs available on the market. With an NVIDIA partnership to scale our server proposition worldwide, you can sign up for’s GPU instances in Western Europe immediately. We offer a range of the best and newest graphics cards, with the possibility to open new locations globally upon demand.


A10 Tensor Core


Architecture: Ampere
CUDA Cores: 9216
GB Memory: 24GB
Memory Type: GDDR6




Architecture: Ada Lovelace
CUDA Cores: 18176
GB Memory: 48GB
Memory Type: GDDR6


L4 Tensor Core


Architecture: Ada Lovelace
CUDA Cores: 7424
GB Memory: 24GB
Memory Type: GDDR6

Looking for custom configurations?

If your desired GPU card is not listed, contact our sales team for a custom offer tailored to your needs. We’ll make sure to provide you with the right GPU card in combination with a bare metal server that satisfies your specific requirements. 

Pre-configured GPU server for powerful computing

Our pre-configured GPU server instance has been battle-tested for cloud gaming, delivering unrivaled performance that meets the demands of even the most demanding gamers. It’s designed to excel in mainstream graphics and video applications with the added magic of AI.

This preconfigured GPU instance effortlessly handles the most intensive workloads, all while maintaining top-notch reliability.


High-performance GPU Server

GPU: 3 X NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core
CPU: 48 Core @ 2.8GHz
RAM: 256 GB
Storage: 2 x 3.84 TB SSD
Network: 2 x 1 Gbit (1 active)
Included: 2 x IPv4 (1 private, 1 public)

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Looking for a custom configuration?

If you are uncertain about the right GPU card and compute specifications for your unique needs, schedule a call with our 20+ years experienced experts to guide you towards the best solution.

Global low-latency network (AS49544)​ has 23+ Tbps of network capacity, which can fulfill all your connectivity needs worldwide with a large amount of 100Gbit connections and backbone links spanning the entire globe.

Due to strict local routing policies, direct peering relationships with local Internet Service Providers and an extensive list of predefined BGP communities, maintains the low-latency philosophy, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Price / GB (USD)*
Price / GB (EUR)*
$ 0.0021
€ 0.0019
North America
$ 0.0030
€ 0.0026
Latin America
$ 0.0107
€ 0.0096
$ 0.0118
€ 0.0106
$ 0.0176
€ 0.0157
$ 0.0334
€ 0.0298
$ 0.0468
€ 0.0418

*Prices are list prices including ingress and egress traffic.'s competitive bandwidth prices compared

This table compares the bandwidth price for 20TB across multiple regions between and cloud providers. The number represents the bandwidth price increase in percentages when using major cloud providers compared to 

North America
Latin America
Middle East
Amazon AWS*
Google Cloud*
Microsoft Azure*

*Comparison of regional public connectivity list prices as of July, 2023. Does not include volume and/or commitment discounts.

Key features that redefine real-time processing power

Ultra low latency

We integrate your servers into's globally top-ranked network for seamless real-time experiences and the lowest latency worldwide.

DDoS protected

We prioritize the security of your data by implementing protection against DDoS attacks on all our servers.

Modern technology

Our GPU server is optimized for high-performance workloads, with an NVIDIA partnership to provide you with the latest in GPU technology.

Competitive bandwidth pricing

High-bandwidth connectivity options combined with a redundant, low-latency network ensure high availability of data and graphics from GPU processors.

Data protection

Single-tenant hardware in combination with ISO27001 and NEN7510 data security certifications allow for peace of mind, keeping your projects behind the scenes.

Dedicated hardware

Single-tenant GPU server without any virtualization overheads, enabling users to directly access the hardware for lower latency and smoother graphics-intensive workloads.

Why customers choose

Low-latency expertise

Benefit from 20+ years of expertise in latency-sensitive industries where every millisecond counts, like online multiplayer games and real-time communication.

Customer service

Our dedicated experts are armed with experience and knowledge of your business needs, committed to guiding you through the process and provide 24/7 assistance with our SLA-backed service.

Best price-to-performance ratio

Enjoy a great price-to-performance ratio, allowing you to optimize your budget while still benefiting from exceptional GPU server capabilities.

Network performance

Benefit from ultra-low latency, no packet loss and stability of the network combined with dedicated quality hardware, resulting in the best user experience.

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We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

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