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Go to the next level with top-tier servers designed for online multiplayer, delivering unmatched performance, low latency and cost efficiency.

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Bare metal optimized for multiplayer games

Designed specifically to cater to the demanding needs of game developers and publishers, bare metal servers provide a dedicated and raw computing environment that allows for unparalleled control and performance. With the ability to harness the full potential of hardware resources without the overhead of virtualization,’s servers offer a solid foundation for hosting immersive gaming experiences with low latency, high frame rates and seamless multiplayer interactions.

With multiple hardware choices available globally, we cater to even the most demanding hosting environments, no matter where you or your players are. We strive for exceptional player experiences, without breaking the bank.

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Advantages of using our bare metal for your game

Reduced cost per concurrent player

Compared to any other compute solution, bare metal servers provide the best “bang for your buck”, while simultaneously lowering your cost per concurrent player.

Under 30ms latency to your players

Latency may kill the gaming experience for your players. Our network is designed to keep latency at a minimum for online multiplayer games and has been battle tested by large First-Person Shooter (FPS) titles.

Scalable and secure

Deciding on your hosting for online games is about more than just bare metal servers. can offer you a wide range of services to host your media servers including our award-winning Anti-DDoS solution built for gaming and UDP traffic.

Maximize your multiplayer game's potential

Bare metal servers eliminate virtualization overhead, allowing for enhanced performance and faster response times, crucial for real-time online multiplayer games. Utilize the increased control and performance available with bare metal, enabling precise configuration to suit specific game studio’s/publisher’s requirements.

Get the best out of your dedicated resources, ensuring that the servers won’t compete for resources with other applications, resulting in consistent and reliable player experiences worldwide.

Be comfortable in the knowledge of hosting your games in a secure environment with bare metal servers, minimizing risks associated with shared resources, making it a favorable choice for gaming infrastructure.

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Why game studios & publishers choose

Low-latency network

With a private 23+ Tbps backbone, secures your online game sessions in 60+ locations worldwide. With 20 years of expertise in building our global low-latency network, we can guarantee the most efficient local routing for your application.

Direct access to our experts

As a customer, you're not just a number at You get direct access to our technical experts for quick and efficient problem solving, advice, and even help with debugging: no salespeople in between.

Full control owns and operates the entire IT infrastructure stack, including data centers, global network, and bare-metal servers. This control ensures high-quality standards, seamless performance and simplifies communication without middleman, ensuring quick support.

Global presence

With 60+ points of presence across 6 continents, we empower your multiplayer game to expand globally, while ensuring seamless access for every local gamer.

We serve over 840 million players a month for some of the biggest games studios

  • Massive Entertainment logo in black “We want consistent hardware because we want a consistent experience across the planet. The expertise of the engineers and access to those engineers is paramount. We're delivering a game as a service, it is not something we can just throw over to someone else. It is a collaborative effort.” Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment Massive Entertainment
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