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A global network designed for business-critical IT infrastructure.

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Winning infrastructure to take your business to the top

Your business deserves the best. In an increasingly global and digitized market, your IT infrastructure should be high-speed and robust enough to handle all your business-critical needs. Since our start in 2004, we’ve transformed from a company serving the needs of gaming to a leading global hosting infrastructure provider.

The Formula 1 of Hosting. Just like the car manufacturers behind Formula 1s fastest vehicles design their road cars with racetrack innovations, we translate our expertly-developed gaming technology into solutions for enterprises and industries looking for a premium, engineered hosting infrastructure.

We serve over 840 million users a month for some of the world's biggest companies

Our way of working, through the eyes of a customer

“The team is professional and flexible and clear in their communication. We often use their remote hands service at the data center, and we are very satisfied with this service. The response time is excellent, and the employees are skilled and proactive. Two years ago we upgraded our hardware to Brocade hardware. The team has guided us through the transition, and thanks to their expertise, the transition went very smoothly.”

Sonia Harjani, Director of Sona Business

Sonia Harjani, Director of Sona Business, visiting Smartdc datacenter

Let's do this together

Personalized Service

Enhance your business with our expertise. We have multiple teams of dedicated specialists at your disposal. Make use of our global data center operations team and an in-house development department for tailored advice. Furthermore, our dedicated support team and Network Operations Center are available 24/7 to solve any issues.

Global Locations

We’re here to help you take over the world. With more than 40 locations across 6 continents, we can increase your reach around the world. We operate from multiple data center locations with different types of servers and network equipment in various geo-markets.

Connecting the dots

Ultra Low-Latency Network

Our latency benchmarks are unmatched and guarantee the best performance for your clients and employees.

Reliable Hardware

We cherry-pick all components and work solely with A-Grade hardware suppliers to ensure the highest possible performance.

Privately owned Data Centers

With two privately owned data centers and a global partnership with Equinix, we control the full stack so you can deploy without breaking a sweat.

Infrastructure built for scale

Bare Metal servers

Enjoy freedom from downtime and latency with our dedicated bare metal servers. Boost your IT performance anywhere in the world with our AAA hardware to ensure reliability and consistent uptime.


Fast and private data transfers are available to you on a global scale, in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setting. Maintain control or trust it to the team of experts to handle your traffic routing.


Increase your footprint with our custom and safe data centers all around the globe, including two privately owned data centers. From full racks to quarter racks, we tailor everything to your business’ needs.

Storage & Backup

Immediate access to your stored business-critical applications and data backup service. Protected from Ransomware, Environment Agnostic, and Incremental Backups for the safety of your data.

  • Sona logo in black ”The partnership between Smartdc and is ideal for our company: suits our worldwide ambitions, and's vision matches Sona Business' vision.” Sonia Harjani, Managing Director of Sona Business. Sona Business
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