DDoS Protection for Games

Unlock your online game's full potential and leave behind the worries of cybercrimes with our game DDoS protection as part of your servers, keeping your players base always online.

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Global Low-Latency Anti-DDos

Safeguarding game experiences with anti-DDoS

UDP, one of the most targeted communication protocols in DDoS attacks, is extensively utilized for online multiplayer game traffic. At i3D.net, we understand the persistent nature of these attacks and have developed GLAD, a specialized DDoS mitigation solution focused on providing granular protection and traffic filtering specifically for UDP. While it effectively safeguards other protocols, GLAD excels in preventing and mitigating SYN floods, UDP floods, and amplification attacks.

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Learn more about our anti-DDoS solution, technical specifications and combinations with other i3D.net products.

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Advantages of using our anti-DDoS for your game

Gaming specific DDoS mitigation

As gaming industry veterans, we know the ins and outs of DDoS attacks targeting online multiplayer games. In collaboration with multiple game studios, we have polished DDoS mitigation techniques to fight gaming experience disruptions.

Tailored protection profiles

Different DDoS attacks mean different needs; therefore, we allow our customers to customize their DDoS mitigation tools to the finest detail and optimize the protection profiles for the lowest malicious impact for your players.

Granular traffic filtering

Our proprietary software, Warden, offers custom traffic filtering capabilities with dynamic whitelisting, allowing you to implement specific and detailed filters for your network traffic. By filtering the traffic at the edge of our network, before it enters i3D.net's network, we can keep faulty traffic away from your players with close-to-none added latency.

Why game publishers & studios choose i3D.net

Low-latency network

With a private 23+ Tbps backbone spanning the globe, i3D.net secures your connection in 60+ locations worldwide, while our 20-year expertise in global network services guarantees the most efficient content routing for your end-users. By keeping all routing local and circumventing any unnecessary intermediate hops, we go the extra mile to ensure your traffic stays on course.

Direct access to our experts

As a customer, you're not a number at i3D.net. You get direct access to our technical experts for quick and efficient problem solving, advice, and even help with debugging. No salespeople in between.

Full control

i3D.net owns and operates the entire IT infrastructure stack, including data centers, global network, and bare-metal servers. This control ensures high-quality standards and seamless performance. Our end-to-end management simplifies communication, requiring only one point of contact for clients, eliminating intermediaries, and providing unparalleled service and support.

Global Presence

Over 60 points of presence spread out over 6 continents. We help you to take your applications global, while making sure your end-users can utilize your services local.

We serve over 840 million players a month for some of the biggest games studios

  • Massive Entertainment logo in black “We want consistent hardware because we want a consistent experience across the planet. The expertise of the engineers and access to those engineers is paramount. We're delivering a game as a service, it is not something we can just throw over to someone else. It is a collaborative effort.” Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment Massive Entertainment
  • Shield your players from downtime with GLAD

    Protect your user experiences with ultimate UDP DDoS attack mitigation tools today!

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