GPU Servers for Cloud Gaming

Elevate your players' gaming experiences to new heights with our GPU server. Powered by accelerated compute resources, it delivers unparalleled performance.

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Optimized GPU servers for cloud gaming

Cloud gaming has rapidly emerged as a popular way for gamers to enjoy their favorite games without the need for expensive hardware. GPU servers, equipped with dedicated GPUs, play a vital role in providing a high-quality gaming experience to users by offloading the processing power required for rendering games from the player’s computer to the cloud.

As a cloud gaming provider, you can use GPU servers to deliver a seamless and immersive gaming experience to players with high-performance hardware, scalability, reduced latency, cost-effectiveness and flexibility.’s game infrastructure expertise can help you push your player’s experience to the limit.

Why you should choose's GPU servers

Focus on low latency focuses on latency sensitive usage, by providing one of the best-connected networks in the world, allowing our GPU server stack to be used to its full extent. Low latency, high bandwidth availability and infrastructure reliability go hand in hand with

Extreme scalability's size of operations surpasses its name. Our cloud gaming customers deliver their services to even the most remote places of the planet, providing their customers with smooth online gaming experiences.

High-performance hardware has standardized NVIDIA GPU server parks all over the world, although we allow our customers to tailor the hardware to their needs, optimizing the potential of GPU server usage.

Why our gaming customers choose

Low-latency network

With a private 23+ Tbps backbone, provides your users with seamless performance in 60+ locations worldwide. With 20 years of expertise in building our gaming-optimized global network, we guarantee the most efficient routing for your players.

Direct access to our experts

As a customer, you're not just a number at You get direct access to our technical experts for quick and efficient problem solving, advice, and even help with debugging: no salespeople in between.

Full control owns and operates the entire IT infrastructure stack, ensuring high-quality standards and seamless performance. With simplified communication, requiring only one point of contact for clients, we eliminate intermediaries, providing unparalleled service and support.

Global presence

With 60+ points of presence across 6 continents, we empower your multiplayer game to expand globally, while ensuring seamless access for every local gamer.

We serve over 840 million players a month for some of the biggest games studios

  • Massive Entertainment logo in black “We want consistent hardware because we want a consistent experience across the planet. The expertise of the engineers and access to those engineers is paramount. We're delivering a game as a service, it is not something we can just throw over to someone else. It is a collaborative effort.” Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment Massive Entertainment
  • Enable seamless cloud gaming globally

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