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Immediate access to your stored business-critical applications and data backup service, to keep your business running without any interruptions.

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Storage Solutions

As your business grows, your storage should grow with it. Data storage compromises an essential aspect of any business infrastructure. Discover options that suit your needs.

Increase your storage capacity and access your data with minimal latency. offers fully managed Tier 0 and Tier 3 storage solutions, matching your business demands.  Our experts will help you determine the best possible solution for your data storage needs.  

Global Presence

Our ever-expanding network has Points-of-Presence around the world. From Moscow to Mumbai, Amsterdam to Seattle, LA to Tokyo, and everything in between. Download our worldmap for more insight.

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Pick a storage. Any storage.

Fully managed Storage solutions to match your business demands

Tier 0 Storage

With latency as low as 250 μs, our all-NVME solution brings a new level of performance to critical business applications – resulting in faster transactions and an immersive customer experience.

Tier 3 Block Storage

Ensure your files are kept safe. Save your data outside of your core hosting environment and access it through an iSCSI connection. Block Storage chunks your data and stores it in the most convenient storage space with reduced latency.

Backup Protection

Every company, whether big or small requires a backup solution to prevent loss of business-critical data. Damage, theft, and human error all pose a threat to your data. With our backup solutions, you are able to minimize the impact and can turn back time. All your data is stored and restored, safe, and sound.

Automated backup solutions offers a simple and sophisticated backup solution. Ensure data safety and alleviate the stress of safeguarding your digitally-stored critical information. Technical insight is not needed for using our backup services. Enjoy an easy onboarding with our installation wizard.'s Data Backup benefits

A fully automated backup solution matching your business demands

Ransomware Protection

Our integrated ransomware scanning tool detects attacks and stops malicious attacks. Furthermore, restoration is available for your infected data.

Environment Agnostic Backup

We do not differentiate between types of data when it comes to protection. We back up all files, applications, and operating systems across any environment —virtual, physical, cloud, or mobile.

Incremental Backups

Data backups are incremental regardless of whether you want a backup for a file, a folder, or an entire operating system. Backups are created for new changes only, saving you time.

Additional Benefits

Protection for your data

With our Backup Solutions, your data is stored and restored safe and sound. Your information is protected against being damaged, lost, or hijacked data.

Room for Growth

When your business grows, your IT infrastructure grows with it. Our solutions are flexible and have no limitations, so you can grow with no worries about your IT infrastructure.​

Peace of Mind

Not enough time or technical insight for using our backup solution? will gladly set up your complete environment.

24/7 Support

Get direct access to our team of specialists with years of experience, around the clock. No matter what time zone you are in.

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