A Premium Global Network ready to get to work for you

i3D.net’s premium network consists of multiple Tier 1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world, ensuring ultra-low– latency and high performance.

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Network Equipment

We guarantee a 99.9999% uptime on our managed hardware, power, and network devices (including load-balancing equipment, routers and switches), and even higher global uptime guarantees in high availability clusters.

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Reduce the download times for your content by distributing it across our global Content Delivery Network. Speed up downloads for your content, game distribution builds, and video, by caching content at our network edge locations.

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Anti-DDoS Solution

Fend off the growing threat of DDoS. Our Global Low-Latency Anti-DDoS solution (GLAD) offers a proprietary set of custom tools to detect, intercept and deflect impending attacks. Using a unique classification system to detect, limit, and block high-risk IPs, GLAD reduces the chances of an attack and leaves your traffic flow uninterrupted.

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Circumvent the internet with Layer 2 point-to-point or Layer 3 point-to-multipoint MPLS VPN connections for private, fully redundant and high MTU data transfers. Maintain control over your traffic routing or trust it to our team of experts and enjoy a hands-off experience.

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Increase the distance and bandwidth capacity for your data transfers. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology (DWDM) allows for transpondered fiber-optical connection for ever-increasing network bandwidth demands.

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IP Transit

Take over the “eyeball networks” with an increased reach for your content transfers. Take advantage of i3D.net’s extensive routing experience in combination with an abundance of meaningful peering relationships and enjoy a stable network connection all around the world.

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Discover hosting, networking, and deployment options from our wide range of instantly scalable products and solutions.

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Hosting Products

  • Fast, flexible and reliable. Our range of hosting products benefit from our vast global network to ensure high performance and security across the board.​ Read more