No-impact game patching for smooth and uninterrupted gaming experiences

no-impact game patching
18 September 2023 has been a prominent player in the gaming industry for over 20 years, delivering exceptional online infrastructure solutions for both AAA and indie titles. From assisting studios in selecting the optimal data center location to providing tailored network solutions and streamlining game server deployment, offers a comprehensive range of game online services. One area where excels is game build patching, a critical service that involves seamlessly transitioning from an old game executable to a new one.

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The increased use of game patches and updates 

Gone are the days when the video game was the final product on launch days without any changes made. With the rise of digital distribution services and platforms, after sales service has now become a common feature. Developers of video games are providing updates months or even years after the initial release date. These updates can encompass bug fixes, gameplay balancing, optimized performance, newly added in-game content, enhanced security measures and more. 

While updating the game build may seem solely beneficial to players, it carries inherent risks as it directly impacts their gaming sessions. Even the slightest glitch in switching game build versions can result in thousands of players being unable to access the game for extended periods, potentially leading to frustrated users, reputational damage and strained relationships with commercial partners.

Decades of experience in no-impact patching 

Partnering with eliminates these concerns. With two decades of experience, has honed its game-build patching processes to perfection. A notable customer, Psyonix, relies on to manage its flagship title, Rocket League and its online infrastructure. Like other modern games, Rocket League also needs recurring updates for over 70,000 game instances, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay for its dedicated player base. Thanks to’s expertise, game server patching that used to take Psyonix 1 to 1.5 hours now takes under 30 minutes. game patching: seamless integration, uninterrupted play employs several highly effective patching mechanisms designed to deliver updates flawlessly. The standout feature of’s game-build patching mechanisms is its seamless integration, which minimizes player disruption. 

One such mechanism is forced deployment, primarily suitable for substantial game build patches and non-session-based games. It involves instantly updating all game servers with the new build. While this approach may require scheduled downtime, it can be communicated to players in advance. This mechanism incorporates pre-cache, time-out and hard-kill commands, empowering game studios to customize how the system handles game servers and ongoing game sessions. Once all game instances are updated, players can promptly rejoin the game servers, ensuring a consistent and smooth transition between game builds. 

Another mechanism is rolling deployment, wherein the system waits for players to naturally exit the game servers. This allows players to continue playing on the old build until their game sessions conclude. patches empty game servers with the new build, ensuring that it automatically runs on the updated version when players start a new session. This eliminates player queues, matchmaking delays and any negative effects on other systems.” 

Tailor-made patching solutions for game developers 

Over the years, has collaborated with numerous game studios, each with unique patching requirements influenced by their game design. Recognizing that studios may not always know the best path forward,’s experts work closely with customers to determine preferred game server behavior and develop the optimal patching strategy. Our team takes responsibility for patching after discussing their preferences with the developers, enabling them to focus on creating immersive virtual worlds while enjoying a hands-off experience. 

In conjunction with’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), which rapidly distributes game builds worldwide, its patching mechanisms operate seamlessly and efficiently. With various options for pre-caching and pre-warming your edge servers, players can swiftly re-engage with the game, without even realizing that a new patch is already in effect.

Conclusion is dedicated to its customers’ success, prioritizing gamer satisfaction and delivering unparalleled digital experiences worldwide. Partner with to witness how its game online services can elevate your game to new heights of reliability and stability. You can explore the customer stories section to read in-depth stories that underscore our commitment to excellence.

Main Take-Aways has proven experience helping game developers and studios offer seamless experiences to their users by providing game online services such as no-impact patching. Coupled with its high-performance network,’s products can ensure game launches and updates are smooth and hassle-free.

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