Dev Summit 2023: Datathon

Lego figurines designed for the datathon in February 2023
20 March 2023

The quarterly Dev Summit has become something of a tradition here at

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Coming together for innovation’s remote work policy means that all our teams are spread out over various countries and regions, at our offices and at home. This naturally poses a challenge in conveying and executing strategies and ideas that require extensive group work, which is why our development leads devised a quarterly event to allow all the devs to synchronize for effective teamwork. All development team members make their way to our Rotterdam office every three months for three days to participate in a series of workshops, discussions and meetings. 

Exploring new ideas

Beyond improving collaboration between our various dev teams and allow for them to break away from their regular roles to explore new methods of thinking and working, there is an opportunity for everyone involved to truly be a part of the decision-making process on how to execute projects in the most feasible way. Devs can explore new ideas with their colleagues, not to mention that the breakout sessions and the evening meetups allow for bonding opportunities and getting to know each other better, which is a fundamental reason behind the regular summits.  

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The hackathon

In this edition of the dev summit, the teams tried to do something different: participate in an internal hackathon! We divided the developers from different teams into mixed groups so that they would get a chance to work with colleagues that they do not always work with and used internal data sets to construct unique hypothetical issues for our devs to solve.

Improving processes and finding new solutions

The teams had complete freedom to set themselves up anywhere in the office (with access to all-day snacks and drinks, of course) and were asked to compete to deliver the best solution with peer-reviewed results at the end. It was truly fascinating to see the many interesting solutions presented by the teams. We handed out customized lego mini figures at the end as memorabilia for these exciting three days! 

Main Take-Aways

The development teams at organized a three-day hackathon for increased innovation and team cohesion.

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