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High Performance Bare Metal Servers

At, we only work with the highest quality A-brand dedicated server manufacturers, like Dell and HP. Their bare metal server models provide you with the highest performance. They have more than enough raw power to handle your disk I/O-intensive and processor-intensive workloads. Our servers come with a complete package of standard features and services. To achieve optimal results, all’s bare metal servers are integrated into our premium network. Optionally, you can use the DirectAdmin control panel for full server-environmental control.

Configure to your liking

In our product configurator you are free to configure your dedicated bare metal server fully to your own wishes. Whether you would like to install a 2 TB HDD, a 120 GB SSD or a combination of both, it is all possible. The same applies to others product specifications like the CPU, RAM, OS and further network specifications. At, we offer you complete hardware transparency.

Managed Solutions

Next to our bare metal servers, we offer fully managed services (up to and including the OS layer). Your server can be complemented with Fortinet hardware dedicated firewalls, Brocade redundant load-balancing equipment and Dell & Brocade private switches. Your online IT infrastructure will be safe and secure at We offer a diverse set of SLA’s which are available in combination with all our servers.

High Performance & Reliability

Our server platforms do not share their system resources with other sites on the same server, you do not run the risk of the server being slowed down, swamped with traffic, or crashed by another site on a shared server. Looking for a high performance and high reliable server solution? You should choose for a server solution at