Kwebbl provides a unique business phone system. This allows businesses to always be there when they pick up the phone.

Kwebbl: the need for low latency

The challenge 

As a global operating platform with global network infrastructure, Kwebbl had a need for a secured and global low latency network in order to serve their customer base. The Kwebbl platform makes it easy for service providers and distributors to interconnect with their network, ensuring they stay in control of all incoming and outgoing calls. Therefore, low latency, continuity and connectivity are essential. 

The solution 

Kwebbl already knew what they were looking for; a low latency network solution. Together with the team, they mapped out the current issues they were facing in order to find solutions that would fit best with their desired network infrastructure. For both and Kwebbl, this resulted in a fluent cooperation and partnership. 

Our Account Manager at really helped us out with answering all our questions and by providing us with quotes.

Ivo de Vries – Founding Partner and CCO at Kwebbl 

Kwebbl has been a customer at since 2013, starting from the early days of Kwebbl. set up the complete network environment, including a wave connection, dedicated servers, switches and a direct connection between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The direct connection between their location in Amsterdam and data center Smartdc in Rotterdam provides them with a redundant Internet connection. In addition, they also use colocation at’s data center location; Kwebbl has now 2 racks in’s data center Smartdc in Rotterdam. offers a wide variety of network infrastructure solutions. For Kwebbl it was ideal to work with only one company that could offer both the expertise, colocation, hardware, and network solutions.  

Quality and uptime 

For both Kwebbl and, quality of products and service are highly valued for the continuity of their businesses.  

Kwebbl stands for quality and performance. We were looking for a high-quality network solution with high-quality hardware, and found a reliable partner in

Ivo de Vries, founding partner and CCO at Kwebbl also stands for uptime and quality. only works with the best A-quality products. Therefore, all servers are from Dell, the industry-leading supplier of high-quality server hardware. For network and cyber security solutions the new generation of routers from Juniper Networks are used.  

Kwebbl and a logical cooperation 

The people at Kwebbl are both commercial as operational experts in their business. Kwebbl and are a good match, both on a business level as on a personal level. 

Bart Kemps, CCO at 

According to Ivo de Vries, founding partner and CCO at Kwebbl, work and fun go hand in hand at Kwebbl. Because creating the most innovative cloud communications platform in the world is something you can only achieve through team-work. The key to success? Work hard, respect each other and enjoy life! And you can only build a team with people that enjoy their work. 

Quality is essential for Kwebbl, but we also do business based on good relationships with our partners. Of course, business is business, but with the team from we had an instant click.

Ivo de Vries, founding partner and CCO at Kwebbl 

Kwebbl: experts in cloud communications

Kwebbl is a unified cloud communications platform, specifically designed for Service Providers and IT distributors. Their platform offers powerful capabilities and can be seamlessly integrated thanks to a full suite of API’s. Because of the multi-tenant system, the entire “chain" of resellers, providers, customers (the actual users) can use Kwebbl’s platform.  

Our telephone service platform is unique. We differentiate ourselves from other parties in the market because of the user-friendly interface, scalability, and security.

Ivo de Vries, Founding Partner and CCO at Kwebbl

Network services at manages a 1 Tb+ global IPv4/IPv6 network (AS49544) with over 120.000 KM of optical fiber. The premium network consists of multiple Tier-1 providers and the largest internet exchanges in the world. has over 35 Points of Presence across the globe including a backbone across multiple fibers transatlantic, transpacific and to the Middle East. The network services that are offered by include infrastructure (dedicated, colocation, cloud), which can be fully managed by either or the customer itself, depending on the customer needs. Also, a 24/7 NOC is continuously optimizing traffic load, traffic routing and overall performance.’s global network is consistently growing with an eye on emerging markets, recently with significant investment in Africa and Asia. The network is owned and managed by, which allows providing a high bandwidth/low-latency network optimized for high-performance applications such as SaaS products. This entire infrastructure is ideal for VoIP services. 

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