How to optimize gaming experiences with RAM (Podcast)

Close-up photo of RAM in green and yellow accents
8 October 2020

Games have conquered the world. What gamers don't see is what needs to be done on the hosting side to provide a seamless, real-time smooth gaming experience. Stefan Ideler, CTO of, one of the largest game hosting providers in the world, knows it better than anyone.

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Joined by Adrien Viaud and Ferdi van der Zwaag from Kingston, this ISPConnect podcast covers: 

“Whenever a game needs to load something, like a new map, or assets, or other calculations need to be made, [then] the more RAM you have available, the larger those maps can be and the quicker it can happen.”

Stefan Ideler, CTO

Listen to the whole episode to learn about the interaction between the arrangement of server memory and the gaming experience.

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Main Take-Aways CTO Stefan Ideler and Kingston discuss the interaction between the arrangement of server memory and the gaming experience on the ISPConnect Podcast.