New terrestrial routes courtesy of RETN provides customers low latency connectivity between Europe and Asia

Fiberglass cable on red background
5 May 2021

Our connectivity partner RETN has facilitated a new network expansion between Moscow and Hong Kong.

The expansion entails that we are now connected to their TRANSKZ network, one of the shortest terrestrial routes in the market connecting Europe and Asia. This terrestrial network features a unique cable system, which allows our customers to benefit from lower latencies and higher service reliability on the way from Moscow to Hong Kong and beyond.

Terrestrial infrastructure like TRANSKZ provides a valuable alternative to subsea cables. Running on the land, it requires less time to repair in case of fiber cuts compared to subsea (hours vs. weeks). It is also shorter which improves performance due to lower latencies and multiple backup options. Leveraging advantages of the terrestrial path provided by RETN, such as high level of protection, resiliency and network integrity, can offer their customers much better uptime, redundancy, and reliability.

“The Eurasian connectivity solution is a new highlight in the close partnership between RETN and It complements already deployed infrastructure between Western and Eastern Europe based on RETN’s network running through Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Ukraine. RETN always seems to exceed our expectations, especially when it comes to providing connectivity in the more challenging regions, and now on the whole way from Europe to Asia and back.

Over the years RETN demonstrated high expertise, combined with open and honest communication, flexible approach and solid SLA’s. We are very happy to have a point of contact from RETN in different regions and receive excellent local service and support which allows us to have new connections up and running within a matter of a few days. Together, we are pushing the envelope in the world of online gaming for these regions” – Martijn Schmidt, VP of Network at

We hope to connect even more end-users across the globe to our network in our pursuit to provide low latency to a billion users by 2025 through our own data centers and connectivity partners like RETN.

Main Take-Aways

Our customers can now benefit from the low latency and highly reliable TRANSKZ terrestrial network facilitated by our long-time connectivity partner RETN.

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