New point-of-presence in Mumbai

Our data center location in Mumbai, India
15 October 2020

We are live in Mumbai!

Heart of Asia
The latest addition to our global network is located in the heart of Asia. Operating from the Mumbai2 data center near Horseshoe valley, our Mumbai point-of-presence creates a vital link between Asia and Europe. This advantageous Indian location will connect our backbone from Paris to Singapore. Furthermore, Mumbai will connect directly to our PoP in Dubai. With more direct routes, your latency is even lower.

Well connected
In addition, the Mumbai PoP is connected to the major Internet Exchanges and directly connected to local ISPs, ensuring ultra-low latency in South-central Asia.

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Main Take-Aways

Our new point-of-presence in Mumbai creates a vital link between Asia and Europe and connects directly with major Internet Exchanges and local ISPs.