MariaDB and Partnership unlocks the next performance level for Enterprises

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12 April 2022

Gamers’ favorite low latency network brings applications and databases closer together.

The gaming industry is growing at rates we’ve never seen before, a result of people looking to escape from real life, as well as a way to connect with friends and family remotely. Morgan Stanley Research found that 50 million Americans took up gaming in 2020, a 31% year-over-year increase, compared to 7% from the previous two years. With these unprecedented demands, gaming companies and enterprise application developers need access to a low latency solution that can handle this surge in players. Thanks to a new partnership between MariaDB Corporation and, enterprises are gaining access to cutting edge gaming infrastructure to solve their global storage and access challenges with MariaDB’s massively scalable distributed SQL database running on advanced infrastructure.

Acquired by one of the world’s largest game publishers, Ubisoft, operates a large fleet of servers worldwide and provides a global infrastructure for over 250 million daily users who benefit from’s low latency network. chose MariaDB Xpand, a distributed SQL database, for its ability to handle unexpected increases in workloads and deliver massive scalability while maintaining strict data consistency and availability.

“Low latency is our business and part of how we measure our success,” said Bart Kemps, Chief Commercial Officer, “Creating an undisrupted experience for our game players is in our DNA. We are committed to continuing our promise to provide low-latency connectivity to our gamers, which also resonates with our enterprise customers. We’re thrilled to be partnering with MariaDB for their strong consistency and ability to handle large data-set transactional workloads that require high performance.”

“Initial testing of MariaDB Xpand on infrastructure is showing to be really fast with nice low latency compared to testing on similar public cloud infrastructure,” said Robbie Mihalyi, Senior Vice President of Engineering, MariaDB Corporation. “Gaming has some of the most demanding performance and latency requirements of any industry. A solution that combines the power of Xpand with low latency infrastructure from has the potential to deliver a flawless experience for gamers as well as enterprise customers across the globe.”

MariaDB Xpand is used by large-scale applications with millions of users. Xpand excels at read and write scale data applications and provides absolute availability even with multiple zone failures. Xpand is compatible with MariaDB and MySQL and is available on-premises or via SkySQL, MariaDB’s Database-as-a-Service offering.

Main Take-Aways

MariaDB Xpand running on’s infrastructure enables accelerate databases and transactional workloads for millions of users across the globe.

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