i3D.net contributes to decentralizing cloud infrastructure in the European Union

i3D.net Decentralizing cloud infrastructure
17 January 2024

i3D.net has joined forces with Info Support, BIT, AMS-IX and TNO to build a federative European cloud. The project, the European Cloud Services in an open federated ecosystem (ECOFED), is co-funded by the Dutch government, following approval from the European Commission.

Towards an open and federative cloud ecosystem

The ECOFED project focuses on developing open interfaces and open-source software tools to promote the unbundling of software and cloud solutions. This facilitates easier transitions within the cloud ecosystem and provides more freedom of choice for users. The project also includes the creation of a national testbed to achieve these goals.

The European Commission approved the Important Project of Common European Interest — Cloud Infrastructure and Services (IPCEI-CIS) program, allocating a total of 2.6 billion euros for the development of European cloud infrastructure.

Objectives and timeline

The project runs from 2024 to 2027. The goal is to lay the technical foundation for an open and federative cloud ecosystem, allowing integrators and infrastructure providers to trade various services without the intervention of a central platform entity.

Local strength, European impact

The project aspires to become the national testbed for companies transitioning from closed hyperscale cloud platforms to a federative cloud ecosystem.

i3D.net has always recognized the importance of a decentralized internet landscape. It is committed to building an open and distributed cloud platform, along with partners, to provide more growth opportunities in the digital world.

Transparency and knowledge sharing

The consortium is developing a website to keep stakeholders and interested parties informed about the project’s progress. Participants will also proactively share knowledge through events, workshops, knowledge sessions, and webinars.

Main Take-Aways

i3D.net is working on building a decentralized cloud infrastructure with a consortium as part of a funded project by the Dutch government.

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