i3D.net Acquires MyInternetServices.com

i3D.net acquires Myinternetservices.com
25 April 2018

i3D.net, the Performance Hosting provider, announces that its U.S. subsidiary recently acquired all activities, assets and team members of MyInternetServices.com LLC, a U.S. managed hosting provider founded in 2004 and host to game publishers and game developers.

i3D.net operates the One Platform, a hosting platform with 25 global locations and our inhouse developed software specially designed for performance critical workloads. i3D.net is proud to serve many of the largest game developers and publishers worldwide, and the targeted acquisition greatly complements our role in the fast-growing game market and strengthens our sustainable competitive market position.

Integration of US operations

In the past weeks, our teams integrated all network equipment, servers and services into the i3D.net One Platform. The acquisition has added over 1200 new servers to our platform, totaling over 8,500 servers worldwide. The U.S. team has been strengthened by the acquisition and now operates from the Pasadena, California offices. The growth in the operational teams allow i3D.net to operate a ‘follow the sun’ model, to support our global workflow in which issues are handled by and passed between offices in different time zones, increasing responsiveness and reducing delays. The growth in customers brings more scalability advantages, and our customers will profit from increased flexibility in available capacity on our platform.

Founded in 2002, i3D.net entered the U.S. market in 2010. After expanding operations from Europe to Asia and Australia, the United States operations complemented our global service offering. Since 2011, new locations have been added in South-America, Africa and the Middle East. The acquisition significantly grows revenue in the United States.

Future Outlook

In the coming months i3D.net will expand the U.S. team to support marketing and sales activities in the United States. As one of the game industry’s leading providers, many large publishers and game developers have their base of operations in the United States. When combining the local team with our software platform and deep knowledge of the industry, i3D.net is enabled to connect better to U.S. based enterprises and offer an attractive global alternative to many service providers.

i3D.net will facilitate the growing demand in the market by increasing its data center locations in 2018 and 2019 with four new points of presence, focusing on new markets in South America and Asia. Continuing to expand our network reach, i3D.net operates one of the largest independent networks in the world, connecting to six continents to 26 major internet exchanges and over 2,000 direct peering relations with internet providers worldwide.

Company Growth

i3D.net has a strong history of organic growth with over 40% growth in 2015-2017. The add-on acquisition strategy fuels further growth in the coming years. In March 2018, i3D.net was named as Top 250 Scale-Up company by the ministry of Economic Affairs, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. Recently, i3D.net was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands by the Dutch financial newspaper ‘Financieele Dagblad’.

About i3D.net 

We are experts in performance hosting. i3D.net is a managed hosting provider founded in 2002 and now operates 8.500 servers in 25 ISO27001 certified data centers worldwide. We provide global hosting solutions with a performance guarantee and 24/7 support. Services include multi-cloud capacity, bare metal servers, managed game servers, colocation and specialty network solutions as anti-DDOS, MPLS connectivity and IP transit. i3D.net excels in the gaming niche market hosting tens of millions of players for game publishers on the Microsoft Xbox Network, Sony PlayStation network and Nintendo Switch network.

The i3D.net One Platform provides one global scalable platform, with one global support team, one global network, identical hardware, one global data center standard and audits, one software platform to support services worldwide, to support customers in a flexible roll-out of our services, allowing our customers to rapidly increase capacity for multi-cloud, bare metal servers, managed game services and network services. The i3D.net One Platform is available on six continents and 25 data centers around the world: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, Moscow, New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dubai and Johannesburg. i3D.net offers SLAs on uptime, capacity and resource performance. All i3D.net services are yearly audited and certified by the CDSA on Content Protection & Security