i3D.net releases FairFight V2

Fairfight V2 i3d.net
28 May 2024

i3D.net released version 2 of the FairFight anti-cheat software, further improving its capacity to deter cheating and even out the playing field for gaming communities. The improvements come from 10 years of experience protecting games such as Battlefield, Titanfall, The Division, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow 6 Siege and many more. The new version builds upon the existing technology with over 99.96% accuracy, preventing cheaters from gaining an unfair advantage in game.

Customized rule sets and more

FairFight version 2 allows game developers to further customize, maintain and manage FairFight’s rule engine, with the ability to independently set up and run their gameplay protection profiles without required interaction with FairFight’s team of experts. The new version goes beyond its anti-cheat capacity and brings new features to prevent toxicity in game and protect communities even further.

How it works: Detecting cheats in real time

As a server-side anti-cheat engine, FairFight counters cheats by utilizing data to establish player performance and root out cheaters by using metrics that identify players engaged in cheating in real time. FairFight can then be used to deter cheating at the granular level by countering the cheats in game and making the game unplayable for the cheaters. This way, it addresses the root problem instead of implanting blanket bans or playing catch up with consistently updated cheats and illegal code.


The engine is also tech-agnostic, works on all major game-build systems and can additionally be integrated alongside client-side anti-cheat solutions to maximize the protection capacity. The FairFight team works with each studio to provide a customized anti-cheat solution that suits each game’s specific needs.

Improving game environments and preventing toxicity in game

FairFight’s new version is a full-blown player behavior analytics system, allowing game studios to battle considerably more than cheating. Its features include:

  • Game tips based on statistics for your players to increase engagement; 
  • Heat maps to track player movement 
  • Administration teleport and rule adjustments to prevent cheating
  • Additional actions such as weapon tuning, teleport, dev-to-player messaging, server communication, global messaging, video evidence gathering and insta-killing cheaters in game
  • Features to prevent in-game anti-toxicity leveraging AI
  • Comprehensive weapon and item usage statistics
  • Purchase and NFT tracking, alongside other account information 
  • Track and prevent account rolling tactics to counter serial cheaters 
  • Mechanisms to catch extra-sensory perception and teleportation cheats
  • Detailed matchmaking data
  • Data obfuscation for player privacy
  • Patchless bug fixing on maps
  • Combinable with client-side anti-cheat for additional protection
  • Client-side DLL for aim bot and keystroke data.

Speak to one of our sales representatives for more information on FairFight.

Main Take-Aways

i3D.net has released FairFight version 2, improving upon its existing capacity to counter cheating and toxicity within video games.