Additional connections and a brand new map's Global PoP map and regions
16 August 2022

Take a look at our map to see how the network has grown and how this can help you!

Over the past years, we have been working hard on improving the network by opening new PoPs. This also made it necessary to update our world map and gave us the opportunity to create a clearer understanding of what our network currently looks like compared to our old network maps. We are hoping that a look at the new map and the PoPs and connections added to it will help you scale your own business as a result. So read on for some key details on what has changed and how this helps you!

Prioritizing readability

New Points of Presence (PoPs) and routes mean new points and lines on the map as well. This makes the whole map more cluttered, and our network team’s excellent efforts during the height of the pandemic meant that the old map design simply could not handle all the information that needed to be added.

Over the past year and a half alone, we have added a number of compute locations to our network — Stockholm, Milan, and Bucharest in Europe are some examples. To add to that, we have also added interconnection PoPs to our network to support local routing to those compute locations such as Oslo & Copenhagen, Zürich, and Vienna & Budapest just to name a few. This meant that a rethinking of our map was necessary.

Connections in focus

The new map features an in-depth look at how both the well-established and recently launched PoPs are connected. The map also gives you a better sense of the resilience of our network. For instance, the route between Rotterdam and London tells you that there are not one but three routes between the two key locations. In case of an outage on one line, we can easily reroute traffic to one of the other lines since those have additional capacity available, ensuring that your services remain uninterrupted.

A look at the future

The long-term strategy for growing our network is centered on adding locations strategically to ensure our customers can get the most out of each expansion. This meant that a reframing was necessary to look at what the future holds. You will notice that planned PoPs and routes for the (near) future have now been marked in grey, to separate them from the locations that are already live.

The bigger picture and going granular

The new global map has focused on making the whole network understandable and giving you a bigger picture of how the network is operating in its current shape. But we have also created regional versions to help you focus on specific areas, while also taking account of how the rest of the network is connected to the PoPs you want to focus on. For instance, you can look at the map for North America, view the available PoPs and connections, and assess how the network moves into other regions and continents (which destinations it is heading for).

Download our World Map and find out! 

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