Unreal Engine 5 SDK Release for the ONE Game Hosting Platform

i3D.net UE5 SDK game hosting
17 January 2023

Since the release of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), we’ve seen screenshots on social media from photorealistic worlds built with UE5 powered by Nanite, their new rendering technology. And to be honest.. we’re impressed.  

But it’s more than just pretty screenshots on Instagram; UE5 reduced the load on our devices, including GPU load and improved frame rates. This makes us very excited about how games built with UE5 will perform on cloud gaming platforms such as Utomik and Nvidia GeForce NOW and improve ease of use for the developers of the games we all enjoy.  

To support developers building multiplayer games on UE5, we’ve updated our Game Hosting Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) to support UE5.0 and UE5.1 and will continue to update our SDK with rollouts of new UE5 versions.  

The SDK provides a simple way for your game servers to communicate with our backend for quick and efficient deployment, scaling and management of your game servers worldwide, regardless of whether that is on our Bare Metal or scaled into the Public Cloud.  

Furthermore, it includes integrating our Anti-DDoS solution to protect your community, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your build and game client distribution and enables matchmaker allocation flows. With this, we’re aiming to enable game developers to focus on what they love: Building awesome multiplayer games; we’ll support them with the backend and infrastructure needed to run it. 

About i3D.net 

i3D.net is one of the leading providers of high-performance hosting and global infrastructure services. The company operates a low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over 40+ points of presence on six continents. i3D.net excels in the gaming market and hosts a variety of AAA games, which led to its acquisition by Ubisoft in 2019. It continues to help various large-scale gaming and enterprise customers deploy, scale, and manage their applications to over 300 million users globally. i3D.net’s goal is to reach 1 billion users on its platform by 2025.

Main Take-Aways

We’ve announced the release of UE5 support of our Game Hosting Platform SDK, allowing game developers to quickly set up game servers for multiplayer games while utilizing Anti-DDoS, CDN, and matchmaker allocation flows to build and run multiplayer games.