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How it all started

In 2008 Richard Boogaard and Stijn Koster came into contact with each other. Stijn Koster is the founder of, a global managed hosting provider, and also co-founder of Smartdc. Then the idea arose to build its own data center. Smartdc had been looking for a suitable location for almost a year. The search eventually led to the historic Van Nelle factory, Rotterdam. Smartdc has been located since 2009 in the former distribution center of the Van Nelle factory. It is not only the historical aspect that makes it a special location, but the location is also unique because it is directly connected to the glass fiber network and the 23 kV power network of the port of Rotterdam.

Multiple Locations

Smartdc is not only present in Rotterdam, but also in Heerlen. The fact that Smartdc operates from Heerlen, is not a coincidence. The geographic position towards Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, and Paris offers a lot of advantages for international connectivity. The data center in Heerlen, like the Rotterdam facility, has been built according to Smartdc’s modular concept. Each suite is a mini data center, with its own redundant power and cooling supplies, its own fiber connections, biometric access control system, and its own smoke detection and fire extinguishing system.


From our location in Rotterdam, we serve the Benelux, Western Europe, and North and Central Africa. We have geographically separated redundant connections from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt. The connection to Frankfurt is even performed in triplicate, with one route via Eindhoven and Heerlen. Furthermore, the data center in Rotterdam is directly connected to our locations in New York and Heerlen, making it an important hub for the backbone. 

In the years we've been at Smartdc we've never had any downtime, but the main reason we're a client of Smartdc is because of the Smartdc attitude: reliable, helpful, and transparent.

Jory van Dam, Director at Damecon

What we offer in Smartdc

We offer our services in the Netherlands from our own data center Smartdc. This data center is located in the Van Nelle factory, which is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Smartdc has a unique modular concept where the data center consists of several suites, each with its own cooling, power supply, and security. Smartdc invests in state-of-the-art materials to ensure that the data center is one of the most modern, reliable, and green data centers in the Netherlands.

Smartdc performance datacenters logo in black
Company Description
The Smartdc data centers are built modularly and consist of multiple suites. Each suite is an autonomous mini data center with its own redundant power supply and cooling equipment. Each suite has it’s own fiber connections, biometric access control, smoke detection and fire prevention systems.
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