Scalability and Reliability

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High-density dark fiber network

A good and reliable fiber-optic infrastructure is now indispensable. Partly because many parties in the Netherlands have their own fiber-optic network, the Netherlands has an excellent national and fine-meshed fiber-optic infrastructure.

Thanks to the unique location of the network along the railway and in the high-voltage pylons, we can bridge very long distances within the Netherlands at low damping. In addition, due to our favorable location in railways and high-voltage pylons, we have a low susceptibility to interference and we can guarantee 99,9% availability.

The fact that only certified contractors are allowed to work near the glass fibers of Relined ensures exceptional stability and security of the network.”

Stefan Ideler, CTO at

As we supply you with unexposed fiber-optics, you have to expose the fiber yourself. This ensures that you can decide for yourself what the bandwidth is that you need for your network or wish to offer to your customers. The possibilities with Dark Fiber are virtually unlimited.

Relined offers scalability and reliability

Relined Fiber Network, the supplier of Dark Fiber connections in the Netherlands and Germany, provides fiber connectivity solutions for the corporate market. Relined’s network in The Netherlands is uniquely located on the railroad premises (managed by ProRail) and in the high-voltage power lines (managed by TenneT), which allows the transmission of data over long distances with minimal attenuation. The locations of in Rotterdam and Heerlen are both located right next to the railroad tracks. This made the easy connection to Relined’s national network possible. is a continuous-growing company. Its’ network is built in a way that it can facilitate this growth based on customer demand.

''Both and Relined are growing and ambitious companies with an international footprint. We like to think along with one another and strengthen each other in the business where possible. A partner you can build on.”

Talat Sahin - Manager Sales at Relined

A logical cooperation

The cooperation between and Relined began in 2014 when showed interest in a dark fiber solution between its Rotterdam-based data center and one of’s on-net backbone locations in Amsterdam. The cooperation with Relined was very direct and went very smoothly. Relined is known for their short lines of communication and they are able to think creatively and proactively from a customers’ perspective. The suitable solution Relined offered in combination with a competitive price resulted in the first cooperation between both organizations. Would you like to read more about the collaboration between and Relined? Download our case study here.

Relined logo in black
Company Description
Relined Fiber Network is the leading independent supplier of unused dark fiber capacity within existing public and private fiber optic networks in the Netherlands and Germany.
Dark Fiber – Connectivity
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