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The Pure need for Performance

The shared hybrid storage environment at i3D.net was starting to cause serious latency problems for some of our biggest customers. This customer places high demands on networking, storage, and applications. Therefore, the growing latency problem threatened the customer’s core business. As a consequence i3D.net’s churn got threatened. This particular company was in need of a high-performance storage solution. We found this solution in Pure Storage. An all-flash storage solution distributed locally by Tectrade.

''The customers of i3D.net and Tectrade have one thing in common; their business is driven by data. Both parties have found each other in providing High-Performance solutions for business-critical data. With effortless all-flash storage performance and enterprise-grade availability i3D.net provides a business advantage for her customers.''

Derk-Jan Boon, Chief Innovation Officer at Tectrade

A reliable partner for high performance

Two executives driving the company’s innovative business and technology strategies were leading the implementation of the Pure Storage solution. Chief Commercial Officer Bart Kemps and Chief Technology Officer Stefan Ideler.

According to Ideler, another great advantage of working with Pure Storage and Tectrade is their support in delivering a tailored solution. They quickly delivered a demo to one of the i3D.net data centers. Hence, i3D.net could start testing right away. Together with Pure Storage i3D.net could successfully complete this project. i3D.net also contends with their four-hour parts replacement service. Thanks to Pure Storage redundancy features, defective components won’t cause damage, but they will deliver a replacement within four hours if something breaks down.

"In i3D.net’s former IT environment, the latency could surpass 60 to 70 milliseconds for read/write operations. Now, the read/write latency never gets higher than 1 millisecond. That’s the guarantee Pure Storage offers."

Stefan Ideler , CTO at i3D.net
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Benefits overview

  • A demo FlashArray//m20 helped to reduce latency to under one millisecond. Reducing latency solved the performance problems and the customer was extremely satisfied.
  • i3D.net and the customer have since converted the demo configuration into production. This enables the company to cover all performance and storage needs.
  • i3D.net used the experience it gained during this process to create a reference architecture solution. This solution will be offered to customers and prospects as a standard product with higher performance guarantees and allows i3D.net to set up a new line of business.

Pure Storage case study

Pure Storage, Tectrade, and i3D.net have written a case study on the joint solution for an ultra-low latency storage solution. This case study can be viewed by downloading it here.

Purestorage logo in black
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