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The issue of latency

DE-CIX operates carrier- and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia, constantly looking for ways to improve interconnection services and enabling a steady flow of data across continents. And it is not always easy – physical connections between different nodes in the world can significantly differ in quality and reliability. This is especially visible in online gaming, where milliseconds of latency can make the difference between winning or losing.

Low latency in the Middle East thanks to direct connections

Low-latency gaming worldwide is a difficult feat to achieve, but in partnership with DE-CIX, i3D.net has bested many players in the telecom game and went on a mission to build a robust ecosystem in the Middle East. Thanks to our cooperation, popular online games living on the i3D.net network are closer to local players than ever, cutting latency and minimizing losses sustained by gamers (although we cannot guarantee that, you also need luck and skills to win!)

“Latency has been reduced by 80% or more compared to before (...) Now, with the lower latency, combined with local availability of many games in the region, user satisfaction is on the rise.”

Martijn Schmidt, VP Network at i3D.net

Find out more on how we brought the games closer to the players

Download the case study to find out how the UAE-IX (United Arab Emirates Internet Exchange), run by DE-CIX, benefited from using i3D.net’s low-latency global network and not only brought the games to gamers but also placed the gamers closer to the world.

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