Make real-time player interactions a reality

From London to New York in less than the blink of an eye. It's all possible with servers in every corner of the world and a world-class network from, specifically designed for gaming.

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If you were to fly from Hong Kong to Tokyo you wouldn't take a layover in Paris, would you?

Don’t do the same for your players’ connections.

With over 9000 peering connections with ISPs and IXs we’re the 2nd best connected network out there. And on top of that, we’re gamers by heart and everything we build is purpose-built for gaming. This makes us a truly unique provider going above and beyond to provide the best online multiplayer low-latency experience.

Build. Test. Deploy.

And get results like our customers:

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Improved Patching Time

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Reduced Latency Time

We're not like the others...

  • Games are in our DNA. Founded in 2002 while serving dedicated servers we’ve perfected over 20 years of game hosting expertise – we’ve seen it all. 
  • We’re not price fighters, we focus on the highest quality from equipment to connectivity. But quality and cost efficiency can go hand in hand, therefore we offer up to 150% lower prices than any cloud provider.
  • Our customers are more than just a number, we create dedicated slack channels for every onboarded customer, where a team of technical experts is at your disposal.
  • We own and operate our own infrastructure, giving us full control to act fast and make short-cut decisions in our technical operations.
  • We have built-in products like anti-DDoS and anti-cheat software that will keep gaming communities online at all times. 
  • We serve over 840 million monthly users on our platform. We’ve grown adept to scaling up major applications quickly.
  • Integration is easy, with API integrations to game engine SDK’s such as Unity and Unreal – you name it.

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And upgrade your game servers to provide players with the best low-latency experience.