Quad9 bolsters its DNS coverage with i3D.net’s global network

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19 April 2022

i3D.net’s low-latency network enables a better experience for Quad9 users

i3D.net and Quad9 today announced their partnership where i3D.net will be supplying Quad9 with servers and network connectivity in several locations throughout  Europe to power its DNS security service. The support of i3D.net for Quad9 enables a safer and more stable experience for Quad9 users around the world.

i3D.net is supplying these servers to Quad9 in the form of a corporate sponsorship. i3D.net is a hosting and infrastructure service provider that operates a low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over 40 points of presence on 6 continents.

”We’re excited to add i3D.net’s robust network capacity to the Quad9 global footprint,” says Danielle Deibler, Chief Security Officer for Quad9. “Their generous sponsorship gives Quad9 users increased performance and extends DNS protection for the whole Internet. We can attribute about 30 million blocking events in the past month to these i3D.net sites.”

Acquired by Ubisoft, i3D.net operates a large fleet of servers worldwide and provides a global infrastructure for over 250 million daily users who benefit from i3D.net’s low latency network. i3D.net brings exceptional network capacity to threat intelligence inside the Quad9 ecosystem.

“Low latency networks are the key to our success, and we’re honored to be sponsoring Quad9 with expanded global DNS protection,” said Martijn Schmidt, VP of Network at i3D.net. “We are committed to continuing our promise to provide low-latency connectivity to enterprise companies, and we’re thrilled to be sponsoring Quad9’s exemplary threat intelligence protection portfolio.”

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