Piet Heyn Award 2019 Finalist

Photo of Bart Kemps on stage at Piet Heyn Award
20 September 2019

i3D.net is proud to be one of the three finalists who are in the running for the Piet Heyn Award 2019.

Traditionally, the Netherlands is known as a country of trade. In the year 1602 the Dutch East India Company, officially the United East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie; VOC) was founded and became the leading trading company in the world. In spirit of this trading history, each year the SMA Piet Heyn Award is awarded. The Sales Management Association (SMA) is a Dutch organization focused on sales professionals that has been established over 45 years ago.

Courage and Vision

The winner of the Piet Heyn Award must be an organization with guts and an innovative, especially entrepreneurial attitude. This prize is therefore intended for organizations that have distinguished themselves in their market with courage and vision, much like Piet Heyn in the days of the VOC. 

i3D.net, a proud finalist

We have been selected as a finalist because of our entrepreneurship, that has led us to become one of the leading high performance hosting providers in the world. Much like the VOC we are constantly expanding our global network which now covers 33 locations on 6 continents.  

An important aspect of our entrepreneurship is innovation. We translate the innovations developed for the game industry into quality services for enterprises. At i3D.net we notice market changes and anticipate them, creating joint solutions with and for customers, Hands-on and pro-active

In the past years, a number of renowned parties have won the Piet Heyn Award; Hema, Hunkemöller and La Place. The winner of the Piet Heyn Award 2019 will be announced on the 31st of October, 2019

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