Network PoP in Focus: Bucharest network PoP in Bucharest
21 December 2022

The Bucharest Point of Presence (PoP) is a uniquely valuable node in the backbone network. Where others have struggled to provide a reliable connection, has operationalized paths from the east, west and south in the heart of the city’s thriving business district. 

An economic hub in Eastern Europe

The city is home to very large enterprises and some of the biggest publishers the game industry has to offer, which gives rise to low-latency network needs. Bucharest also has a large presence of gamers, with the use of popular free-to-play (F2P) and first-person shooter (FPS) titles particularly large scale in the region.

Bucharest’s southeastern location in Europe has been victim to the lack of connectivity options in the past. Most network operators relied on a high-latency route that doubles back to Frankfurt to reach neighboring countries, greatly increasing the distance through which data had to travel.

Three routes for redundancy and reliability’s network in the region, in contrast, looks to bolster connections in the east with major IXs in the area to reach locations further away. We have backbone redundancy in place with geographically diverse paths to Bucharest from three directions: from Budapest and Milan, and now Kyiv, to provide a reliable link for users in Ukraine.

Improved data localization

Situated in the north of the Romanian capital, our site’s positioning in Bucharest close to the business hub ensures that users have access to low-latency services with reliability. Multiple routes and connections to this node on the network will keep traffic local while offering stability and security. Our network teams are hard at work connecting the network at the edge to locations far away and there are more exciting plans in place to localize connectivity even further in the region.

Main Take-Aways

The Bucharest PoP opens up a host of connectivity options to both the east and west.

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