Mayors Aboutaleb and Oskam grace the offices with a visit

Mayors of Rotterdam and Capelle visit
24 May 2023

On May 24th 2023, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam and Mayor Peter Oskam from Capelle aan den IJssel paid a quick visit to to meet with its employees and learn more about the company.

Mayors of Rotterdam and Capelle visit

A look into the company culture

During the visit, the mayors received an introductory presentation from our leadership team about the company culture and values, alongside a quick look into how has grown from a small startup to connecting over 673 million users across the globe.

Diversity at

The diversity and inclusion task force was also happy to share how prides itself on looking to hire the best candidates for each position without any biases or preferential treatment, which has helped develop an international and open culture at the workplace.

Innovation and sustainability

The team was excited to show how has taken on the task of implementing sustainability practices in the technology industry. With energy usage a significant challenge,’s ownership of the full network stack allows for more innovation and effective practices in reducing the climate impact. Exciting new projects such as the Residual Heat Project in Smartdc’s Rotterdam data center are paving the way for more climate-friendly technology use. Products such as’s orchestrator — which automatically deploys or spins down compute resources based on the number of users — are also in line with’s to optimize resources and energy use as much as possible.

A memorable visit

The team was happy to speak to the mayors about their journeys and what’s important for them professionally. After this, everyone gathered for a team photo with both mayors.

The employees truly enjoyed having both mayors over for a visit and we are hoping another one comes sooner rather than later. It was an absolute pleasure!

Main Take-Aways

The team was excited to host Mayors Aboutaleb and Oskam at the Rotterdam offices and speak to them about the culture at the company.