i3D.net celebrates 20 years of next-level hosting

20 Years

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – August 29, 2022 – i3D.net, one of the leading providers of high-performance hosting and infrastructure services, is celebrating its 20th anniversary today. Since founding the company, i3D.net has steadily grown its global presence to almost 100 internet hubs across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. Currently i3D.net serves over 300 million users across the globe on its network.

Since its inception, gaming has been at the core of what i3D.net does. The company started out by offering consumer game servers to friends, which caught the attention of the biggest gaming companies in the business. For over a decade i3D.net has been entrusted with a variety of AAA games from various publishers and developers, including blockbuster titles like The Division, FIFA, Battlefield and Rocket League. In 2019, this gaming focus led to the acquisition of i3D.net by Ubisoft. To this day, i3D.net provides hosting and infrastructure services directly to several different game publishers and developers.

One of the big drivers of i3D.net’s success has been that the entire infrastructure stack is under its own control. This includes everything from datacenters, the connectivity in between and the computing itself; it is all operated directly by i3D.net. As a result of this strategy, i3D.net helps a variety of customers deploy, scale, and manage their applications across the globe. This is not limited to online games; i3D.net’s network also powers some of the biggest real-time communication platforms and enterprise applications in the world. Whether you are playing FIFA online with friends, making video calls on Discord or working on your digital working environment, i3D.net’s network makes all of this possible.

i3D.net was born in gaming. From our humble beginnings, in twenty years, we have evolved into a company that connects online communities on a global level. We provide online gaming services to hundreds of millions and continue to expand into new regions despite facing an increasing number of supply chain, regulatory, and travel challenges along the way. Nevertheless i3D.net has a track record of 20 years of consistent business growth, which enables us to find new ways to connect even more people around the world. — Stijn Koster, Founder at i3D.net

i3D.net’s growth in the past years has been unparalleled in the industry. Earlier this year, i3D.net was awarded the renowned FD Gazellen Award by the economic newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad as the fastest growing company in the Western region of the Netherlands for the second time after being nominated for the prize 8 times in the past 10 years.

The future looks bright for i3D.net as it continues to bolster its value propositions for video games, real-time applications, and enterprise, which has safeguarded crucial customers and partnerships for the future as it aims to continue its trajectory of consistent growth. The company’s goal is to reach 1 billion users on its platform by 2025.

About i3D.net

i3D.net is one of the leading providers of high-performance hosting and global infrastructure services. The company operates a low-latency network, with thousands of servers spread over 40+ points of presence on 6 continents. i3D.net excels in the gaming market and hosts a variety of AAA games, which led to its acquisition by Ubisoft in 2019. They continue to help various large-scale gaming & enterprise customers deploy, scale, and manage their applications to over 300 million users globally. i3D.net’s goal is to reach 1 billion users on its platform by 2025.

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