Online infrastructure strategies that can make or break Your multiplayer game

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Modern multiplayer titles require extensive planning to set up the backend resources required. Are you looking for ways to minimize costs and optimize your infrastructure for your online game launches? Look no further and join us for our upcoming webinar to learn how an orchestrator can make all the difference.

Our experts will share insider tips and tricks on how to make the most of your infrastructure, save money and scale your game like a pro. We’ll go over the key aspects to consider when choosing a provider, like network design, hardware, and security.

We will discuss the benefits of using a hybrid cloud hosting strategy, which gives you the best of both worlds — flexibility, scalability, and security, without breaking the bank. We’ll also talk about how to test your infrastructure and optimize your resources, so you can save even more.

What to expect
Indie Game Studios

When your indie game suddenly blows up with millions of new players overnight, you don’t want to let the player’s experience depend on your server availability, you’d rather want them to experience the game instantly. Therefore, you need to know how you can predict your users peak when becoming the next Among Us, Valheim or Fall Guys. You also don’t want to spend too much of your already tight budget on too many servers when the peak is low. During the webinar we’ll be giving useful tips to Indie Game Studio on how to balance those factors during the development of your multiplayer game.

AAA studios

As an AAA studio, it’s not the question whether your game is going to blow but rather how to predict the number of users precisely to keep the costs per user down. You don’t want to heavily invest first, and then need to scale down. You want to set a base infrastructure and scale up when users are peaking during specific hours of the day, to balance that perfect cost per user to maximum efficiency. For AAA studios, just because of this reason, it’s good to join our webinar as we’ll give you the right insights with our game hosting orchestrator.

About the speakers

Stefan Ideler, CTO at

Stefan Ideler is a seasoned technology leader with over 18 years of experience in the hosting industry. He currently serves as the CTO at, where he leads the company’s technical vision and strategy, overseeing the development of innovative infrastructure solutions for game studios around the world.

With his senior experience, he is ready to talk to you through this webinar’s topic and answer all your questions. 

Lelia Peuchamiel
Lelia Peuchamiel, Game Online Services Group Product Manager at

Lélia Peuchamiel is a versatile and experienced game producer and product manager. As a producer, she managed complex projects and brought innovative gaming solutions to market. As a product manager at, she is responsible for defining and executing the company’s product strategy for the game pillar, leveraging her deep understanding of the gaming customer needs.

With her unique blend of technical knowledge and creative vision, Lélia is well-equipped to host this webinar session that talks about the obstacles in this dynamic and ever-evolving gaming industry.

“We want consistent hardware because we want a consistent experience across the planet. The expertise of the engineers and access to those engineers is paramount. We're delivering a game as a service, it is not something we can just throw over to someone else. It is a collaborative effort.”

Jan Harasym, Online Infrastructure Engineer at Massive Entertainment
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