5 reasons to factor hosting into your game development cycle - Webinar

5 Reasons to Factor Hosting into your Game Development Cycle


Why should you care about game hosting?
Interest in online gaming continues to grow, with the medium becoming more popular than ever during our social-distanced times. Arguably, the pandemic will leave a lasting impact on the make-up of games, with more multi-player and online aspects in the pipeline.

With this in mind, game developers should take a closer look at how their design and game hosting decisions impact the game (and the bottom line!) in the long run. There are more options out there than you might think.

About i3D.net
As game industry veterans and passionate gamers ourselves, we know what it takes for a network to withstand the toughest of demands. We are dedicated to providing the lowest possible latency and best gaming experience to users around the world. Since 2002, we have developed our expertise and premium network tailored to games and game related products, serving companies from EA to Discord.

Join our CTO, Stefan Ideler for this webinar to learn the 5 most-know factors about game hosting that could transform your game development – and your game’s success.

What you can learn during the webinar

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