Countering 30 million threats per day with’s sponsorship of Quad9’s DNS service, a leading provider of high-performance compute and global connectivity services, and Quad9, a non-profit DNS security service, have partnered to enhance end-user safety, network resilience and redundancy. Quad9 leverages’s well-architected network and extensive backbone to deliver superior cybersecurity protection to users worldwide. This case study highlights the collaborative efforts between and Quad9, showcasing the benefits achieved regarding end-user safety, network performance and insight into specific sites for a closer look at the added protection Quad9 and offer together.

Quad9: Proactive protection at all levels

By utilizing’s infrastructure, Quad9 is performantly blocking over 30 million malicious domain requests per day on i3D’s network alone, safeguarding users from potential cybersecurity threats. By leveraging’s network infrastructure, Quad9 can efficiently analyze and mitigate these threats to enhance end-user safety.

Quad9 blocks threats by utilizing a combination of threat intelligence, real-time analysis and DNS filtering techniques while prioritizing Quad9 privacy and data protection. It does not log or store personally identifiable information (PII) of users making DNS queries and this, combined with its non-profit nature and commitment to privacy as a primary goal in its founding charter, is why it is widely deployed in the research and educational world: schools, libraries, universities and research institutes.

The company counters malware by routing its users’ DNS queries through a secure network of servers across the globe. Naturally, this requires low latency to ensure that users do not have to wait longer than usual for their traffic to be routed back to them once it has been deemed safe.

" allows Quad9 the ability to support users with proactive protections at the micro and macro levels. Quad9 provides basic cybersecurity to individuals on demand and improved access to DNS that's secure and private by design, helping keep the internet safer for all."

Zachary Gilman, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Quad9

Supporting the right to privacy on the Internet firmly supports the inalienable right to privacy and efforts to protect users and institutions on the internet from malicious actors. With Quad9 offering services to both individual users and organizations from many not-for-profit sectors such as education, research and information sciences, was happy to sponsor servers in various locations for the good of the Internet.

Countering threats globally at lightning speeds’s battle-tested high-performance network was perfect for this service, with global locations strategically placed and over 9000 unique adjacencies to ensure that all users on our network are brought closer together.

“Our global footprint with has expanded to new regions, allowing us to directly support local users with increased personal protection. The increased network footprint has also added redundancy and resiliency across our global network. We're also seeing decreased latency for time-sensitive DNS queries."

Zachary Gilman, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Quad9

Localized traffic for continuous protection’s network architecture allows Quad9 to keep traffic local, enabling efficient and effective security measures. By leveraging’s backbone and connectivity, Quad9 can serve the local market directly, reducing latency and improving end-user experience.

The network’s extensive connections to prominent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in their local service regions have greatly contributed to the success of Quad9’s operations. This level of interconnection has allowed for improved results and more comprehensive network protection across various geographic locations. Each new peering agreement or PoP added to’s network is carefully chosen for the value it stands to offer to both existing and new users, ensuring that a new adjacency or PoP will help both the region and the global network at large through improved connectivity.

Directly servicing local markets in Stockholm

Deploying with in Stockholm has enabled Quad9 to directly service 100% of the local Swedish market, ensuring efficient and localized security measures.’s network infrastructure has significantly improved Quad9’s services for traffic in the Nordic region, enhancing performance and reducing latency. Previously, some networks routed traffic to Frankfurt, leading to increased latency. With’s involvement, traffic is now served locally which optimizes performance and results in a better user experience.

Regionwide safety at the edge in Eastern Europe’s network backbone has greatly optimized regional traffic, particularly for Quad9 users in eastern Europe. Quad9’s routing direct to Budapest has reduced round-trip time (RTT) by 25%, surpassing the previous central European routing exchange hubs.

Deploying with helped Quad9 directly service 100% of the Romanian market, alongside highlighting the innate strength of’s network in comparison to competitors. While public cloud providers and other network operators use traditional routing options such as Frankfurt, can strengthen regions often ignored. With the Bucharest location, offers more direct routing to Budapest instead of scenic routing through Frankfurt or other PoPs further away, and as evidenced by the reduction in RTT, this can help customers provide users with improved performance.

A visual indicating the drop in latency after moving to network
The drop in latency after moving to the network in Eastern Europe

Perfect redundancy in Milan’s collaboration in Milan has helped Quad9 add to redundancy and resilience in the Italian market, bolstering Quad9’s existing presence in Turin and Rome. This has ensured continuity and enhanced user experience. The introduction of’s network has led to a 60% growth in queries within three months, driven by improved latency and user satisfaction. By routing traffic to’s Milan location instead of central European routing exchange hubs, Quad9 has achieved a 10ms reduction in RTT.

Network resiliency in APAC

The Singapore deployment strengthens Quad9’s network resiliency in the APAC region, setting the foundation for further expansion. This is a difficult region for many network providers, and’s focus on the area helps serve the region with multiple routes and interconnected locations.

In short

The collaboration between and Quad9 has resulted in significant improvements in end-user safety, network resilience, and redundancy. Quad9’s proactive malware protection, sponsored by’s network infrastructure, blocks millions of threats daily, enhancing cybersecurity for users globally.

The partnership has also improved network performance, decreased latency, and optimized traffic routing, resulting in a seamless and secure browsing experience for Quad9 users. Through their joint efforts, and Quad9 continue to provide superior cybersecurity solutions, making the internet safer and more efficient for users worldwide. will continue to sponsor and support companies such as Quad9 to foster a safer digital landscape for all.

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Company Description
Quad9 is a not-for-profit, free, recursive, anycast DNS platform that provides end users robust security protections, high performance and privacy.