5 Reasons to consider Hosting into your Game Development cycle

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12 March 2021

Interest in online gaming continues to grow, with the medium becoming more popular than ever during our socially-distanced times. Arguably, the pandemic will leave a lasting impact on the make-up of games with more multiplayer and online aspects in the pipeline.

With this in mind, game developers should take a closer look at how their design and game hosting decisions impact the game (and the bottom line!) in the long run. Our CTO highlights 5 key reasons on why you should consider hosting into the development cycle of your next game. These are highlighted in this webinar:

“In my opinion, the following five elements factor heavily into these calculations, influenced by intended goal, reach and latency constraints.”

Stefan Ideler, CTO i3D.net
Main Take-Aways

While developing your game, you should seriously consider following factors: Authority, Security, Bandwidth, Integration (and resulting lock-in) and the Player Experience to ensure the succesful launch of your live game.