Samsung fulfills our orders quickly and enable us to respond quickly to our customer demands

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SSD Storage Solutions is proud to have a partnership with Samsung. Samsung has proven to be a solid and reliable partner in delivering Solid State Drives (SSD’s) to’s servers. In the past, had been using SSD’s from various suppliers, as Rick Sloot, COO at, says:

''We were looking for fast and steady storage for our servers and found a reliable partner in Samsung.''

Rick Sloot, COO

The challenge is an international managed hosting provider based in Rotterdam. The company was founded in 2004 and now operates thousands of servers spread over 35 points of presence on 6 continents.’s servers process a high amount of data as our servers are used for game hosting, data processing and storage. This requires both high transfer rates and high numbers of input and output operations per second; which cannot always be processed on a Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Therefore, SSD’s are used as a solution for storage in servers. Unlike an HDD, an SSD does not have any moving mechanical parts. Besides, SSD’s reduce latency as they are much faster than HDD’s. Performance, endurance and power efficiency are essential for’s data center environment. For it is essential to use devices that have enough speed and performance while reducing latency. This requires a type of disk that can store and process data quickly.

The best solution for heavy demands was looking for quality SSD’s with a long lifecycle. Samsung’s products have proven to be of valuable quality. This resulted in a partnership between Samsung and The servers in our data centers require a solid and stable storage, and therefore uses Samsung SSD’s. Currently, uses the PM863 and PM883 models of SSD’s.

''PM883 is built on our proven 3D V-NAND technology, which is now on its fourth generation at 64 layers. The advances in V-NAND technology have enabled us to introduce a 7.68TB model for data-hungry applications, while still keeping the smallest density at 240GB for entry-level servers. With excellent mixed workload performance, PM883 is an ideal solution for the majority of today’s server applications, such as web servers, databases and content streaming.''

Kristian Vättö, SSD Product Manager, Samsung Semiconductor Europe

A logical cooperation

The main reason for choosing Samsung as a partner is that Samsung SSD’s provide fast boot-up time, file searching, app start-ups, and a very low downtime and power usage. Samsung has proven to deliver high quality, low latency and high-performance drives. 

Another advantage of Samsung SSD’s is the quick delivery. As Rick explains: “Samsung fulfills our orders quickly and these rapid delivery times enable us to respond quickly to our customer demands. In the past we had some issues with other suppliers and a longer delivery time. With Samsung the delivery time is usually within one business day. It is unique we found a supplier that always has stock, and because we deliver quickly this enhances our customer satisfaction.” 

Samsung logo in black
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Samsung is a worldwide leader in the electronics industry. They are our primary supplier in SSD’s for a good reason. Read all about our partnership.
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