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Dell Technologies is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality server hardware. Built on Dell hardware, supports customers with a reliable, customized cloud infrastructure. As an additional benefit, Dell helps us reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint. owns and operates countless Dell EMC servers worldwide. Because of our volume, is strongly committed to environmentally friendly technology and decrease energy consumption and physical space requirements as much as possible, while increasing performance and availability. In Dell we have found a reliable partner who can deliver top quality hardware in very short time frames, allowing us to rapidly increase our server capacity to meet the demand of our clients.

The same hardware, anywhere in the world is a worldwide Dell OEM partner, and thanks to Dell’s global support and delivery services, we are able to deliver large amounts of server capacity in any of the over 40 data centers operates worldwide. Dell manufactures servers to specifications and is able to send out large quantities on very short notice. has worked closely with Dell since 2005. On a strategic level, we collaborate in high-end technical solutions and Proof of Concepts.

"By critically examining the characteristic workload and setup of the servers, we concluded that we could challenge with a specific AMD EPYC™ processor."

Erwin Bleeker - Senior Solutions Consultant at Dell Technologies

Learn how we used Dell EMC servers to globally reduce latency

Dell Technologies and have written up an extensive case study on the large-scale deployment of AMD EPYC™ powered Dell EMC servers in the datacenters worldwide and how this benefits both our customers and our end-users. You can download the case study here.

Dell logo in black
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Dell is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality server hardware and always has been our primary hardware supplier for a good reason.
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